Jax Taylor Making ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Return

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Jax Taylor played a major role on the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules for the longest time. However, he left the show with his wife Brittany Cartwright with some bad blood with cast members. No one knew if Taylor smoothed things over with anyone from the show, there has not been much conversation about the topic. However, some things said made it seem as though Jax could be coming back on Season 11.

Jax Viewed As A Villian

Jax Taylor has been viewed as the villain on Vanderpump Rules for a long time. However, maybe that has changed since Tom Sandoval has done something way worse than Jax. Regardless, Jax starred in House Of Villains this last season. He did not last long but if you needed proof that he was the villain of his show, there it is. He got kicked out of the competition pretty fast, maybe the other players saw him as a big threat, or maybe they simply did not like him.

Is Jax Taylor Coming Back?

According to The Daily Dish, executive producer Sheonna Mix gave plenty of hints that Jax would return to have a conversation with Tom for the first time in years.

“There’s going to be this amazing moment with Jax Taylor where he has the opportunity to talk, for lack of a better word, to Tom Sandoval, these are real friends, real friendships, so even though people are no longer on the show, they are still very much involved in their lives.”

Not only did Sheonna give hints at Jax coming back, but Taylor also commented on the issue.

“I do finally get the chance to talk with Tom, you’ll see. Three weeks ago, four weeks ago is when we talked for the first time after all of this. I was trying to figure out how I was going to approach Tom, because I haven’t seen him in such a long time. He’s called me out on so many different things after this all happened.”

Fans are shocked that the two have spoken again considering they were not on good terms last time they spoke. Sandoval has been known to call people out when he thinks they are in the wrong. That happened with Jax a lot on the show.


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Even though Jax is not coming back to be on the season full-time, it is better than nothing at all. Fans either love or hate Taylor and will let their opinions be known if he shows up on Season 11. Regardless, of the feelings fans have towards Jax, they do want to see things get smoothed over between him and the cast members he left off on a bad foot with.

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