Dramatic ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Trailer, Amy Slaton Halterman Breaks Down

Amy Slaton Halterman

1000-Lb Sisters returns for Season 5 and a trailer for the TLC show confirmed that there will be a lot of drama. In the new season that premieres on Tuesday, December 12, a distraught Amy Slaton Halterman gets quite a ot of coverage, as does Michael and his sister-in-law, Amanda Halterman.

1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 The Breakdown of Amy Halterman

In the last season of the TLC show, fans saw that Tammy Slaton married Caleb Willingham. Later, fans heard that they split ahead of his sudden death. Apparently, the funeral was filmed for the show, and Tammy wasn’t happy about the portrayal of it. In the new trailer, fans will see her visiting Caleb in rehab and she cried because he’d not made progress with his weight loss. Additionally, they will see her shock as things get ugly with Michael Halterman, her brother-in-law.

1000-Lb Sisters fans previously saw that Amy Slaton Halterman became very distressed when the family attended a picnic. You might recall that her sons, Gage and Glenn cried a lot. Nobody wanted to assist her except for her half-sister, Amanda Halterman. That revealed the first cracks in her relationship with Michael who just sat there stuffing his face. In the new season, TLC fans will see the disintegration of their marriage which ended with a divorce.

1000-Lb Sisters Amy Halterman Clashes, Dramatic Scene

In Touch Weekly revealed that spoilers for the show reveal that Amy “will be a main focal point of the upcoming season…” However, while there are some happy moments, that soon dies away with Tammy’s sister. At one stage, Amy sits weeping on the floor. In another scene, Amanda Halterman talks with the tearful mom. However, there’s a major ugly scene that shows Michael and Amanda almost coming to blows.

Dramatic 1000-Lb Sisters Trailer, Amy Halterman Breaks Down - TLC YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters Trailer – Amy Halterman – TLC YouTube

During the clash, 1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman yelled at Michael to “Get out of my house.” Then he shouted at the two women telling them the same thing. Furious, Amanda threatened to call the police unless he gave back his wife her debit card. Remember, this all came about after Amy cried because her husband simply wouldn’t help her with the kids. Scared, it seems that Tammy Slaton made the call to the cops. In fact, she seemed shocked at the fighting after the great news that she lost over 300 lbs of weight.

TLC fans who saw it play out commented on YouTube:

  • It just goes to show what sort of a man Michael really is. Amy you’re better off without him. He doesn’t do nothing for you at all. All your fans support you.
  • Lort I’m already crying! Happy for Tammy but so sad for Amy.
  • I actually liked Michael all this time until last season when he couldn’t be bothered to help Amy with the kids. I even defended him at first thinking perhaps it just didn’t occur to him to help…What a disappointment he turned out to be.

What are your thoughts about the 1000-Lb Sisters star weeping on the floor in the new trailer for Season 5? Are you glad that Amanda Halterman was there to support Amy Slaton? Let us know what you think of the dramatic trailer for the TLC show. Sound off in the comments below, and keep following us online for the latest on Amy Halterman and the rest of the 1000-Lb Sisters crew.

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