Phaedra Parks Slams Ex-Costars ‘RHOA’

Phaedra Parks

With Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2010, Phaedra Parks became a household name on Bravo. After Season 9, she left the show after spreading a rumor that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, conspired to drug Porsha Williams and their mutual friend Shamea Morton to seduce them sexually. Tucker and Burruss have strongly denied the claims. She shared intimate moments from the birth of her two sons to the breakdown of her marriage to ex-husband Apollo Nida during her six seasons on the show. The couple split in May 2014 after she pleaded guilty to bank fraud and identity theft.

Phaedra Parks Compares Married To Medicine

According to Phaedra Parks, Married to Medicine is quite different from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During BravoCon 2023, Parks revealed that she and newcomer Alicia Egolum will be transitioning to the other Bravo show for its 10th season. When questioned about contrasting her experiences as a Housewife with her new role on Married to Medicine, she highlighted the distinctions between her present colleagues and those from her previous cast. Reported to People:

“Well, these girls are very intelligent and they have careers and jobs. I’ve totally enjoyed the whole cast. They’ve been really great. Now, some of them are a little crazy. A few of ’em are a little messy. But you know, it’s been good. I mean, it’s a great combination. That’s what I really love about it. They’re not like cutthroat like the Housewives, baby. They’re cutthroat. They go for blood,” she added, though some MDs on the show perform surgery. They are cutting other things — they cutting out the bad parts, but they’re not trying to kill you.”


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New Co-Stars Speak On Phaedra

Parks’ new co-stars spoke about her during last Friday’s “Bravo2Bravo: Bosom Buddies” panel. Dr. Jackie Walters shared:

“We’re still getting to know Phaedra. We’re getting to know her slowly but surely.Remember, she’s coming to our world. We’re the doctors. This is Married to Medicine — we’re the medicine,”

Phaedra Parks’ transition from The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Married to Medicine marked a significant chapter in her reality television journey. Phaedra left Atlanta for a medical career, bringing her charm and wit to a new stage. Her departure showcased her adaptability and hinted at a fresh chapter of personal and professional growth. Phaedra Parks proved that adventures have no boundaries, leaving fans eager for her next reality TV chapter. 


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