‘RHOA’: Is Kenya Moore Being Dropped?

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Presently, questions swirl about if Kenya Moore was fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having a long stint on the show, Kenya Moore is known for many relationship entanglements. Since she has been on the show since 2012, she has had many memorable interactions with co-stars such as Porsha WilliamsNeNe Leakes, and Sheree Whitfield. Unquestionably, she is a bold character, but conversations are circulating that her showtime may be coming to an end.

Keeping It Spicy

Even though Kenya Moore has been a longtime cast member, she has certainly kept things spicy on RHOA! For example, she brought drama in both physical and verbal quarrels on the show. Meanwhile, she added a wealth of show material with all her adventure-filled relationship history. Although she’s been an integral part of the show, there was chatter that Kenya would be leaving RHOA before the Season 15 finale. Not to be mistaken, Kenya added fuel that she it might be the case.


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During the finale, the show failed to include Kenya’s opening for Kenya Moore Hair Spa. Further, Kenya spent the majority of the season telling her plans to create a Hair Spa to compliment her haircare line, Kenya Moore Haircare. Equally important, Kenya’s event had the entire RHOA cast and producers, and still, the scene never aired in the finale. Notably, this drastically cut her salon’s awareness and screen time.

Suspicions Peak As Kenya Moore’s Scenes Are Deleted

In reality, suspicions are peaked as Kenya Moore’s scenes about her salon opening were mysteriously cut from the finale. Unsurprisingly, fans are aware of a not-so-subtle change in the editing choices on the show. The housewife has expressed how distressing it is to have this happen. Kenya felt like the ending was stolen from her when they opted not to include the salon opening. “I wanted it seen bc it’s marketing and the show FOLLOWS my life. My salon spa opening has a beginning, middle, and end. The end (opening and completion) was intentionally deleted while others were focused on that fell out of the sky.”


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Kenya Moore also discussed there was another scene from her daughter Brooklyn’s Mermaid-themed birthday party that got cut. Furthermore, Kenya shared the party was attended by several RHOA stars and their children. Even more concerning, the scene still didn’t make it into the show.

Breaking Point

While Kenya Moore’s tweets don’t exactly say she is fired, there is a strong belief she may be planning to step away again. Formerly, she took a break from RHOA in 2017 to have her baby, Brooklyn Daly. During that time, there was controversy over Kenya Moore marrying Marc Daly  Evidently, Bravo didn’t seem to support her choice to keep her marriage off air. Time will tell if she stays or goes.

Is this the end for Kenya Moore? Will RHOA have any story to work with if she leaves again? Let us know in the comments what you think about Kenya Moore, the last season, and what will happen.

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