Amy Duggar King Suspected To Be Pregnant With Second Child

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Amy Duggar King, formerly seen onĀ 19 Kids and Counting and the more recentĀ Shiny Happy People, has fans assuming that she is pregnant. Amy and her husband Dillon King currently have one son, Daxton, who recently turned four. Earlier today in stories, her followers took note that she seemed to be hiding her stomach. Is another baby King on the way? Continue reading for more details!

Amy Duggar’s Family Plans

Having grown up alongside the spotlight that was shown on her famous cousins, it’s no secret that Amy had a very different upbringing. She was raised in a home without married parents and was an only child. This differed in great comparison to the 19 children born to her uncle Jim Bob Duggar. Dubbed the “Rebel Duggar”, it also came as no surprise when she revealed she had no plans to expand her family further after the birth of her son Daxton. Due to his desire for privacy, it’s almost impossible to locate information on Dillon’s family upbringing, but he seems on board with only having one child. That begs the question further, are they hiding a second pregnancy?

The Kings had a weekend camping trip planned with some of Dillon’s family. Upon checking the forecast, Amy was sure that the trip would be canceled because of the high percentage of rain. To her dismay, her sister-in-law was still expressing excitement for the trip.

Amy Duggar King standing in kitchen wearing long sleeve black sweater with filter images covering her midsection.
Is Amy Duggar King strategically covering her belly?

Amy told her followers, “I’m one of those people, if it’s raining I want to be inside with my fireplace going, and a movie……popcorn and blankets.” She has the revelation a bit later that she is, “not bougie, not extra. I need heat…..I’m kinda like a houseplant or a lizard. All I need is like sunshine, and like warmth, and heat, and water , and I can survive. I’m like ‘woohoo’. I’m good. Put me in dreary, cold, wet situations and I become like a bear that just wants to hibernate.”

What caught the fans wasn’t necessarily what she was saying, but more what she wasn’t showing. It seemed rather strategic that the camera angle avoided her midsection entirely or was covered in filter images.

Amy Duggar King and husband Dillon King
Amy Duggar King and husband Dillon King

Interesting Wardrobe Choices

Followers have noted that Amy’s wardrobe seems to have changed a bit in recent months, as well. In many of her recent images, we see King in loose-fitting sweats and flowy tops. There are also videos showing her strategically placing a bag in front of her stomach or moving out of the frame entirely. Many pictures on her Instagram page depict her either with a neck-up selfie or positioned behind someone with only her face visible.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Amy is expecting another baby or is it just a coincidence?

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