Amy King Wonders If She’s Married To A ‘Complete Psychopath’

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Duggar cousin Amy King is wondering if her husband, Dillon, is a “complete psychopath.” She often shares photos of him on social media and gives fans a peek into their lives. But now, she’s sharing something pretty strange about him. It has fans in awe, too. So, what does Dillon do that makes Amy think he might be crazy?

Amy King questions whether her husband is a ‘psychopath.’

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

In a new video on Tuesday, April 12, Amy questioned her husband Dillon’s behavior. She made a video about something he does that she finds strange, asking, “IS THIS REAL LIFE!?”

In the video, Amy shows viewers her laundry hampers in her bathroom. Her side of the hamper has dirty clothes thrown in it as most people do.

But on Dillon’s side of the hamper, the clothes are neatly folded, despite being dirty. Amy says to fans, “I don’t know if I’m married to a complete psychopath or I’m totally blessed.”

She shows her followers what’s in Dillon’s hamper, revealing that he takes the time to fold each and every item.

She says, “My husband folds his dirty laundry. He even cuffs his socks.”

As she reaches into the hamper and pulls out more folded items, she asks, “What is happening?”

You can check out the new video on TikTok or Instagram.

@amyrking IS THIS REAL LIFE!? #reallarriage #laundryday #laundrytok #husband #husbandandwifecomedy #notstagedipromise #momhair #busymorning ♬ original sound – Amy Rachelle King

Duggar fans share their thoughts about Dillon’s bizarre habit.

In the comments section, Amy King’s followers are in awe of Dillon’s habit. One calls him a “unicorn,” while another thinks he’s a “keeper.” Someone else chimes in to agree with Amy, saying that he’s definitely a “psychopath.”

Despite it being somewhat odd, many of them are impressed. Several of her followers wish that their husbands would just put their clothes in the hamper. One fan says, “wish my husband at least put it in the laundry. He leaves it on top of the basket instead of inside of the basket. You are blessed!!! Lol.”

Another one of Amy’s followers says, “Meanwhile my husbands dirty clothes are piled up on our bathroom floor… right next to the hamper.”

It sounds like many of Amy’s followers would be happy if their husbands did what Dillon does when it comes to laundry.

So, have you ever seen someone fold their laundry before putting it in the dirty clothes hamper? Do you think that Amy King’s husband is a “complete psychopath?” Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for the latest Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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