‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Talks Willingness To Move

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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is narrowing his choices once again. On Thursday fans saw him go on three hometown dates. At that point he had to choose two women to take on fantasy suite dates. The show ended on a cliffhanger with only Leslie Fhima getting a rose. Once he gives out that second rose, they will head to fantasy suites. Gerry spoke with Tamron Hall this week and shared an important topic that was discussed on those overnight dates and that is his willingness to move. Will he pack up and leave Indiana for love? Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner talks willingness to move

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner opened up to Tamron Hall about whether or not he is willing to move for love. In the past, Gerry was not really wanting to date anyone who lived more than sixty miles from him. However, going on reality television changed that. Long distance is really not an option for Gerry so what will he do?

He shared that while behind closed doors with no cameras, one of the first things he and his ladies talked about was where to live. They wanted to use the time in fantasy suites to discuss things they can’t really talk about in front of their grandchildren. So, for Gerry, the fantasy suites were more about connecting and talking about issues they needed to resolve. That includes living situations.

'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Loses It, Breaks Down - ABC
‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Loses It, Breaks Down – ABC

So, is he willing to move for love? Gerry said that he believes it is all about compromise. He was very careful on what he was saying because he noted not wanting to give attorneys any work to do by violating his NDA. However, he did say that both he and his final pick have discussed and started looking at varoius places to move to around the country.

Of course, he couldn’t reveal which areas he was looking at but he is open to moving to be with his final rose recipient.

The show ended on a cliffhanger

Thursday nights episode of The Golden Bachelor ended with a cliffhanger. Gerry Turner had to narrow his women down from three to two. He gave Leslie her rose but didn’t hand out the other one. Whoever gets the second rose will be guaranteed one of those fantasy suite dates.

Will it be Faith or will it be Theresa? Fans will have to tune in to see who he picks. Plus, the women are all reuniting for the Women Tell All airing on November 16.

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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