Al Roker Extends Olive Branch After His Wife Replaces Amy Robach

Al Roker and Amy Robach - Instagram

Today Show meteorologist Al Roker recently extended an olive branch to Amy Robach after his beautiful wife replaced her as co-host of ABC’s 20/20. How exactly did he extend this olive branch? More importantly, did Amy Robach respond to it? Keep reading for the details.

Deborah Roberts Takes Over As 20/20  Co-Host

As TV Shows Ace reported toward the end of September, Al Roker’s beautiful wife Deborah Roberts landed an exciting new anchor gig. She was officially named as the new co-host for 20/20. She was stepping in as a replacement for Amy Robach.

As fans know, both Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were fired from Good Morning America and faced an intense amount of backlash when news of their affair went public. Part of the reason why the news was so scandalous is because they were both married (to other people). Both Amy and TJ retreated out of the spotlight and limited their social media activity to escape the backlash as much as possible.

GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram
GMA Deborah Roberts Instagram

Three days ago, Amy Robach eluded that something big might be coming in a new Instagram post. She was sitting in a chair rocking a cherry-red blazer while getting her make-up done. She penned, “Pumping it up!” in the caption.

Amy Robach: Silent No More

Two days ago, Amy and TJ did a cannonball into the spotlight and made a HUGE splash. Amy Robach shared a photo of herself with her back pressed against TJ. TJ was embracing her from behind. She declared they would be silent “no more” and asked her followers if the post was “Instagram official” enough for everyone.

Turns out, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were going to start a podcast together. Her post was inviting everyone to tune in. The podcast would debut next month on December 5th.


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Al Roker Extends Olive Branch

Now, some wonder if things became awkward between Al Roker’s wife and Amy Robach as they worked together on Good Morning America prior to her termination. Trying to put a good foot forward, Al Roker was one of many who popped into the comments of Amy’s post to welcome her back.

His comment was liked over 400 times by people who loved seeing him show Amy love and support. Unfortunately, Amy did NOT respond to his comment. It, however, did not look like Amy Robach was responding to any of the comments on her post.

Amy Robach Instagram Comments
Amy Robach Instagram Comments

Al Roker was far from the only noticeable name in her comments. Several other former colleagues of Amy Robach popped into the comments to wish her well.

Do you think it was sweet that Deborah Roberts’ husband reached out to Amy as she spills the beans on her new podcast? Furthermore, share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on your favorite TV shows.

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