‘Today’ Al Roker Reveals Where He Stands On Retirement

Al Roker - YouTube

Today host Al Roker is revealing where he stands on retirement once again. The beloved weatherman has mentioned his future many times in the past, catching fans’ attention. Is he considering leaving yet, or will he continue working for several more years? Scroll down to get all of the details about this recent conversation and see what he has to say.

Today fans wonder about his retirement.

Al has been a fan favorite for years, and fans are dreading his eventual retirement. At 69 years old, he still seems to be in excellent health and is very passionate about what he does. Of course, fans assume he’s going to have to back down eventually and enjoy his calmer, quieter days. He recently became a grandfather and is loving making memories with his granddaughter.

Over the years, the Today hosts have discussed retirement. However, things have been pretty lighthearted. Al hasn’t really given any sure answers on when he will retire.

Al Roker - YouTube
Al Roker – YouTube

Now, the topic of retirement has come up once again. What does his future hold?

Al Roker mentions the idea of retiring once again.

For the Wellness Wednesday segment on Today, Dr. Samantha Boardman focused on the topic of the “power of positivity while aging.” The psychiatrist explained to viewers, as well as Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin, how people can benefit from being more positive about the aging process.

Al added an important point, noting, “What helps people, especially if you enjoy your job, unlike our parents who, you know, got out at sixty-five–”

He was interrupted by his co-host Dylan though. She said, “Couldn’t wait to retire.”

Then, Al continued, “You know, is staying in your job.”

Teasing Dylan about the fact that he won’t be retiring soon, he said, “So sorry Dylan.”

Below, you can watch the segment.

So, based on this conversation on the show on Wednesday, it doesn’t sound like Al has any big plans to retire just yet. He’s still enjoying himself on Today, and he thinks it will be beneficial to continue working as he ages.

Hopefully, Al will be able to be a part of Today for many more years to come. Fans will be sad to say goodbye when he eventually has to leave. Once it’s time for him to retire, he will enjoy soaking up quality time with his loved ones, including his precious grandbaby.

Al Roker - The Today Show - Instagram
Al Roker – The Today Show – Instagram

So, do you think Al Roker will end up retiring any time soon? Are you surprised he’s remained a part of Today for so long? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on your favorite talk shows and hosts.

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