‘Southern Charm’ How Are Olivia Flowers, Taylor Ann Green Post Feud?

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Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green of Southern Charm used to be best friends. That is until Taylor kissed Olivia’s ex, Austen Kroll. A rumor began to circulate around the Southern Charm friend group of the kiss. So Olivia decided to confront Taylor.

Finding Out The Truth On Southern Charm

Olivia initially challenged her friend regarding the rumors. Taylor decided to lie to Olivia’s face about the kiss. Not just once but twice. Swearing “on her life” that the kiss never happened. The truth would eventually be revealed when Taylor tells Olivia the truth at a dinner party thrown by her ex Shepard (Shep) Rose.

The Relationship Will Never Be The Same

Olivia was hurt by the betrayal of her close friend. Their relationship was damaged by one kiss. Olivia said “It’s a bit of a roller coaster. My goal is for us to be OK as friends. I didn’t want it to be this ‘Olivia versus Taylor’ thing at all. I really was still trying to get our friendship back on track, and you’ll see that throughout the season. But it’s up and down.”

Olivia and Taylor used to be so close when they were dating best friends Shep and Austen. But once Pandora’s box has been opened things will never be the same. Olivia says as she watches the season she is now catching things she did not know before. Olivia said “It’s definitely changed some things, and I don’t think we’ll ever be what we were. I don’t really care to be either.”

Taylor has apologized for crossing the boundaries with Austen and explained she was just reeling from her recent breakup with Shep. But Olivia was not having any of it. Olivia can’t seem to move past the break in trust of Taylor kissing Austen. Especially while rewatching the series and learning new information about the incident. Olivia is now questioning all the conversations she has had with Taylor.


Olivia has stated that “[Taylor] seemed very apologetic and genuine. So to see that she’s having conversations with other people that sing a different tune … It’s eye-opening, and it had an impact on where we are now.”

Olivia says that in the rest of the season, viewers will see the two trying to put the friendship back together following the death of Olivia’s brother Conner. Conner passed away in January mid-filming of Southern Charm. Taylor was immediately present to comfort her friend even through the tension.

Olivia does state that despite their best efforts at reconciliation fans will see the relationship deteriorate. Olivia says the relationship “gets complicated and tricky. We were right back at our same bullsh*t and stuff shortly after.”

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