‘House Of Villains’ How To Watch & Stream For Free

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How can you stream or watch the new hit E! reality series House of Villains? Some people do not have access to E! or they have missed the first few episodes and want to catch up. So, is there another option? Read on for more details.

House Of Villains How To Watch & Stream For Free

The hot new show with fans raving is House of Villains which airs weekly on E! It has gathered some of reality television’s best villains of all time in one home. Some examples of the cast include Omarosa, Johnny Fairplay, Johnny Bananas, Shake, Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard, and more. Ultimately, the winner will walk away with 200K and the title of the ultimate villain. By the beginning of the third episode, the first casualty was sent home. Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor was up against The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios but a unanimous vote sent  Jax packing.

Johnny Fairplay-YouTube
Johnny Fairplay-YouTube

With guest stars like Abby Lee Miller and Carole Baskin, viewers are chomping at the bit to catch the new series. So, where can they stream or watch it free of charge? A Reddit thread was recently started to answer this question. The OP wrote: “Where can I watch for free? I was watching with the NBC app but now they want to charge me all of a sudden. It’s there a place to watch this for free or maybe via another app? I have several streaming services but none of them seem to have this.”


Immediately others chimed in to help them watch more House of Villains. Many were upset that it was not on Peacock, a streaming service they pay for. One had this suggestion: “I’m using the NBC app and they give you 3 credits to watch locked shows. After that, sign up with another email again and get 3 more credits.” Others were doing the same. Another added: “The first two eps they put on the E! YouTube channel on Friday’s. Also if you know someone who has cable you can use their email and password to sign into the apps.”

More Suggestions

Of course, there were other suggestions as to how to watch or stream House of Villains for free. One suggested YouTube TV yet someone said that was not free. Then, a Redditor offered to send a link yet a link to where was unclear. It seems that there are a handful of ways to tune into the show or some suggestions to at least try to watch it. Maybe Peacock will see the success of the series and start streaming it sooner rather than later.

Do you have special ways that you watch the show for free? More so, have you taken a liking to it or is it not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments and watch House of Villains Thursdays on E!

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