Taylor Ann Green Explains Why She’s Sending Nudes

Taylor Ann Green

Taylor Ann Green from Southern Charm was outed by Madison LeCroy for sending nude photos to another cast member. Maddison told Venita Aspen, at a dinner party hosted by Jarrett “JT” Thomas, that Taylor had sent a nude photo to Whitney Sudler-Smith. Madison and Venita continued to spread this information throughout the dinner party. When Leva Bonaparte arrived they told her of Taylor’s escapades with Whitney. Madison also told Shephard (Shep) Rose about the risqué photo.

Nude Photo Scandal

News of Taylor Ann Green’s nude photo sent to Whitney Sudler-Smith spread quickly throughout JT Thomas’s dinner party. When Maddison LeCroy told Venita Aspen she responded “Taylor’s somebody who chose to be a Bible beater, God worshipper, ‘holy art thou, I praise the Lord every Sunday,’ but then you turn around and you’re sending nudes to Whitney!”

The revelation of Taylor Ann Greens’ photo, soon got around to her ex Shep Rose. Shep said “Taylor went through a tempest, if you will, and I was a part of that. She didn’t know how to behave when things fell apart. She was trying to hurt me any way she could.” Shep went directly to Taylor with the news that the information about her nude photo was spreading. Shep said to Taylor “It’s your right to text him a dark boob pic. I don’t see you wanting to do that, but I’m not going to fault you.”


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Taylor Ann Green responded to Shep Rose by standing by her rights to send whatever type of photos she wanted. She said in her confessional that “God created the naked body. I believe we should all be naked, Jesus isn’t going to hate me just because I sent a nude.” The conversation continued as the group sat down for dinner.

Taylor Addresses The Group

Taylor Ann Green addresses the group of friends stating “Obviously since something was just brought up earlier today by Whitney — thank you — yes, there was a picture sent out to you that you could not see anything.” Maddison interrupts “I saw your tits and vagina!” Taylor continues to explain why she sent the photo in the first place. “I was coming at you because I was upset at Shep,” she said to Whitney. “So, I was f—ing around with you to be f—ing around with him. You can send something, but nothing was seen.”

JT Thomas tried to keep the peace and said “I’m just gonna take the high ground here. The high ground is this: Taylor is a good person who maybe made some bad decisions, but I would argue that the genesis of the bad decisions are male related.” Taylor welcomed the protection and said “I have not been the best version of myself and like, I’m working on that,” she said. “I went through a very terrible breakup with somebody who crushed me.”

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