‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Goes Off Deep End With New Content?

Jenelle Evans - YouTube, MTV's Teen Mom

Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been going through a lot recently. She and her husband, David Eason, are under investigation by Child Protective Services. However, that hasn’t stopped her from posting some off-the-rail content on social media.

Jenelle Evans Gets Hate On Social Media

As mentioned above, Jenelle and David are being investigated by CPS right now. Her oldest child, Jace, is living with Jenelle’s mom, Babs. The couple has maintained custody of their youngest two children though.

Since the news broke about the CPS investigation, Jenelle Evans has been under fire on social media. No matter what she is posting, people are taking to the comments to let them know how they feel about her current situation.

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans posted a few videos to her social media accounts. On Facebook, Jenelle posted two TikTok videos on Sunday. One showed her dancing to a fairly inappropriate song out in the yard. Another was a makeup transition clip.

TikTok, Jenelle Evans

Image: TikTok/Jenelle Evans

Both received backlash from her followers. One person commented, “How’s the court case going? I mean all the time here you spend you should be spending working on being a better mom.” Others called her pathetic and scary.

Another person commented on her dancing video saying, “When [you’re] going through legal sh*t you should really stay off social media, doesn’t look good bro.”

Teen Mom Fans Point Out Crazy Online Content

Several more Teen Mom fans hopped on Reddit to point out more bizarre content from Jenelle Evans recently. The post in r/teenmom shared a screenshot of Jenelle’s Facebook post promoting her Only Fans.

Jenelle promotes Only Fans - Facebook, Jenelle Evans

Image: Facebook/Jenelle Evans

The screengrab was shared with the title “This girl,” followed by several laughing emojis. People were quick to hop on the post and give their two cents about the content Jenelle has been sharing recently.

One Redditor asked, “Who tf is engaging in this content? Ew.” Others agreed that her behavior has been “unbelievable” in the midst of the drama with CPS. 

The best surprise would be that she’s finally leaving that ‘husband’ of hers and putting her kids first,” one person wrote. Another person commented, “‘Bout to lose my kids, come watch me look like a clown on OF.'”

Several people pointed out that it seems awkward to see the former Teen Mom star promoting her Only Fans in between photos of her children. One Redditor mentioned that her son Jace has said that he gets bullied about her presence on Only Fans. 

She hates Jace. Didn’t he say this is something he gets bullied for?” they wrote. Another person agreed, saying that Jenelle Evans is treating her son Jace like the enemy now. 

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ recent content online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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