‘Live’ Hostile Audience Member Boos Mark Consuelos

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During Friday’s Live with Kelly and Mark show, an audience member became vocal and booed Mark Consuelos. What prompted the audience member to boo Mark and what was Kelly Ripa’s response to the outburst? Keep reading to find out.

Kelly Ripa Has Been Hard On Mark Recently

Kelly has been giving Mark Consuelos a hard time on air recently. Just last week, she roasted Mark for being “too extra” during a Live show.

She pointed out a finger cast on her husband’s hand that hadn’t been there the day before. “What’s going on with your finger?” Kelly asked. “I’ve been tracking it. I have it marked on my calendar, that last Friday was your last day of the cast.”

Kelly Ripa on 'Live' - YouTube, LiveKellyandMark

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The Live with Kelly and Mark host informed his wife that his doctor said that he should still wear the cast during certain times of the day. After comparing his injured finger on one hand to the non-injured finger, Mark said that he would continue using the cast as a “crutch.”

Kelly then started roasting Mark Consuelos, saying that he is a drama queen who secretly enjoys being injured. Surprisingly, Mark agreed with her.

Mark Consuelos Gets Booed By The Audience On Live

On Friday, a fan seemed to join in on giving Mark a hard time. The person booed him after a call-in contestant lost a game. These games have been part of Live for a long time, dating back to when Regis Philbin starred on the daily show.

Right now, the game is called “Stump Mark.” Each day, a viewer calls in with a question that is meant to stump Mark Consuelos. If he guesses wrong, then the contestant wins a prize. However, if Mark guesses correctly, then the contestant walks away with nothing.

It was during Friday’s “Stump Mark” game that the audience member booed the television show host. Kelly Ripa said that her hubby planned on continuing his losing streak last week. Unfortunately for the contestant, that’s not what happened.

Mark Consuelos on 'Live' - YouTube, LiveKellyandMark

Image: YouTube/LiveKellyandMark

The contestant, Nick, called in and provided two statements about himself, and Mark Consuelos had to decide which one was true. The two statements were that Nick “grew up on an apple orchard” or “grew up on a mini-farm.”

Mark guessed that Nick grew up on a mini-farm, which was true. He immediately fist-pumped in the air, celebrating his first victory in the game in a while. The audience had various reactions to his win. A few people cheered, while a select few booed.

Kelly Ripa noticed one of the audience members booing him and started laughing. She asked if they could come back and be part of the show every day. Mark Consuelos let the caller know that he was getting booed due to the results of the game.

His wife just continued to laugh at Mark as he got flack from the audience. Luckily for Nick, he did answer the “Pack Your Bags” trivia question right. So, he still won a trip to Vancouver.

Was the audience wrong to boo Mark Consuelos? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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