Kelly Ripa Shares The Day Burned Private Parts Canceled BBQ

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Live host Kelly Ripa is sharing about the day burned private parts canceled a BBQ. She often details the wild things that go on in her private life, entertaining her viewers. Her recent story is no different and has left fans in shock. What happened that prompted the cancelation of a BBQ? Keep reading to get all of the crazy details.

The Live hosts don’t shy away from discussing sensitive topics.

If you watch Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos on Live, you’ve probably witnessed some of the shocking stories they’ve shared. In the past, they’ve kept it real and talked about anything and everything happening in their lives. Fans often call them out for sharing way too much information. Regardless, they keep the interesting conversations coming.

Now, they’ve done it again by talking about burned private parts.

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Kelly Ripa shares a shocking story about burned private parts.

Currently, there’s a trend circulating in which people put hot peppers on their lips to plump them up. On Live, Kelly and Mark discussed this social media challenge. They were prepared to try out the challenge and had a bowl of habanero peppers brought out.

However, Mark warned his wife against trying this trend. It sounds like Kelly and her husband Mark have first-hand experience with spicy peppers being a bad idea. Kelly Ripa’s hubby said this is a “very dangerous” idea, noting, “Once you touch these things and you touch something else…”

Then, Kelly asked Mark, “Remember when Kyle made his guacamole and accidentally touched the spicy peppers?” Mark explained to viewers, “And then he touched his no-no place!”

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It’s unclear who Kyle is, but he’s one of the couple’s friends. Hopefully, he didn’t mind that his famous friends shared this story on TV.

It sounds like Kyle’s pepper incident was pretty serious. Kelly noted, “That was the day the barbecue was canceled.” So, it sounds like he burned his “no-no place” so badly that they had to cancel their plans. While the whole ordeal was certainly unfortunate, viewers sure got a good laugh over it. Some of them can probably relate to accidents of their own involving spicy peppers and other hot foods.

After chatting about this, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa skipped the challenge. They decided it wasn’t worth the risk after all.

So, what do you think of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ wild story? Have you ever had an incident with spicy peppers? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows, including Live

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