‘Live’ Kelly & Mark Get Naughty With Doctor Melina

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark

Kelly Ripa, the host of Live with Kelly and Mark was caught on camera being a little bit naughty when Dr. Melina did her healthy eating segment. Of course, her audience loved it and they laughed out loud. Certainly, there’s nothing quite like laughter in the morning.

Live Kelly Ripa Gets The Audience Rolling

When the wife of Mark Consuelos is on point, she often gets her fans giggling during the morning talk show. Not long ago, she got them rolling with laughter. It came during the Stump Mark trivia section of the Live show. Talking about fishing, a contestant ended up the butt of the joke when Mark’s wife asked, “How deep is your hole?”

Kelly Ripa also shocked and amused her ABC audience when she showered while eating juicy fruit. Actually, some people felt a bit offended when the talk show host shared an NSFW video of herself eating fruit while naked and in the shower. However, some people found it hilariously funny. Now, a new moment captured the hearts of fans, who laughed out loud.

Live Kelly Caught Getting Fruity

The Sun reported that in a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the couple hosted Dr. Melina. Initially, the former All My Children actress didn’t seem excited about the array of healthy eating that was presented. Mind you, she admitted that some of it contained loads of vitamin C. However she prefers to get hers from a glass of “wine.” That’s where the ABC audience got their first laugh.

Live with Kelly and Mark - Kelly Ripa Gets Fruity With Mark - ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark – Kelly Ripa, Dr. Melina, and Marl Consuelos  – ABC

Kelly Ripa, who once joked about her buns being spotted in a cheeky bathing suit, lit up her audience after the commercial break. The outlet noted that despite her claim that she didn’t really enjoy fruit, she and Mark were caught tucking into some figs. Actually, the guzzling duo got Dr. Melina cackling with laughter.

Live With Kelly And Mark Fans Laughed As Well

Despite claiming disdain for healthy snacks, the ABC host managed to gobble down “pumpkin seeds, apple pieces, and sweet potato during the first half.” Kelly Ripa took it away with a oneliner, when she told her guest, “Stop judging me!” 

Dr. Melina appears on the show regularly, and a few years ago, Ryan Seacrest busted his shirt buttons in a wardrobe malfunction which also got the audience laughing.

What do you think about the talk show host, Kelly Ripa getting caught stuffing her face with figs? Do you enjoy seeing Dr, Melina on the morning show? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online for the latest news on Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa.

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