‘On Patrol: Live’ Loses Another Sheriff’s Office: Who?

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Breaking news for fans of On Patrol: Live — as the reality TV police series has lost another sheriff’s office. Which county will viewers be forced to say goodbye to now? More importantly, has a replacement sheriff’s office been announced yet? Keep reading for the details that have been made public.

On Patrol: Live Loses Another Sheriff’s Office: Who?

Volusia Sheriff’s Office out of Florida took to Facebook just an hour ago with some heartbreaking news for their 241K followers. After being a member of the On Patrol: Live family for two seasons, the county has decided to take a step back from the spotlight.

The Sheriff’s Office explained they had a “good run” with the series. They, however, wanted to give another department a chance to be in the spotlight. They concluded their statement by thanking fans of OP Nation for all of their love and support.

To all the devoted #OPNation viewers, thanks for all the support and feedback over these past 2 seasons. To the crew, stay safe out there, keep up the great work and know that you’ll always have friends to visit here in Volusia County!”

See their official statement in the post below:

Has A Replacement Been Announced?

On Patrol: Live took to the show’s official Facebook page at the very same hour that the Volusia Sheriff’s Office out of Florida announced its departure. Turns out, the show had already found a replacement. They were excited to announce a new addition to the On Patrol: Live family.

Also out of Florida, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff Carmine Marceno has officially joined the reality TV police series.

The show penned in its official statement: “We’re excited to announce that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office will be appearing on the TV series On Patrol: Live starting this weekend!”

The statement included a link to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s official Facebook page. On the Facebook page, the new contender also issued a statement about joining OP Nation.


Their statement revealed: “Lee County Sheriff’s Office will be appearing in the television documentary series On Patrol: Live, starting Friday, October 20th.” 

This statement included background information on exactly what On Patrol: Live was. It also detailed how residents of Lee County could tune in to check out the series. The County’s statement has not received many comments as their Facebook page has comments limited on their posts.

Understandably, fans of On Patrol: Live are not happy that the Volusia Sheriff’s Office has decided to take a step back from the show. They, however, like knowing a different office in Florida has joined OP Nation.

Are you bummed by this news? Moreover, do you look forward to seeing Lee County? Also, share your thoughts in the comments. Furthermore, keep coming back for more news on your favorite TV shows.

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