‘Sister Wives’ How Meri Brown Played The Game For TLC Check?

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Did Sister Wives star and Kody Brown’s former first wife, Meri Brown play the game for a TLC paycheck? More so, what game did she play and how did she do it? Finally, what do the faithful fans have to say about Meri’s ploy? Read on for more details on the whole situation.

Sister Wives How Meri Brown Played The Game For TLC Check?

Meri Brown has been pushed away by her spiritual husband, Kody Brown since 2014. He has openly said that there is nothing between them any longer. Moreover, the Sister Wives stars have not been intimate in over a decade. Yet, she seems to keep believing that there may be a chance somewhere between the two of them. Even his fourth wife, Robyn Brown is encouraging a possible reconciliation despite Kody clearly not caring what happens to Meri. In the latest episode, Meri shared that she did not care what was going on, she still considered herself married.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

Now, a Reddit thread has been started to discuss essentially how pathetic Meri has looked this past season. More so, fans are talking about how she must feel watching herself back. The OP concluded with this: “I know Meri has had her fair share of problems. I just can’t help but feel so bad for her having to watch it all play out.” Yet, other Redditors felt that Meri knew exactly what she was doing and simply lived up to her contract with TLC.

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“Meri was like .. just collect the checks girl ! And Christine just couldn’t live that way,” one noted. However, Christine Brown, Kody’s former third wife, is still on the show so she is still playing along but on her own terms. Others actually felt bad for Meri Brown and believe that she has been subject to abuse for years. It was hard for some to see the flashbacks when she and Kody were in love. Now, he wants her to live in his garage and essentially waste away.

Doing It For The Cash

The one thing about Meri Brown is that she has had an allegiance to Robyn Brown and her five children. She has always mentioned on Sister Wives just how much she adores them. Therefore, bringing in an income from the series helps them, as well. As for Meri herself, she does just fine with her B&B as well as her MLM. So, she does not really need the TLC money but with the way Robyn and Kody allegedly spend, they definitely do. It will be interesting to see how much longer the show will go on now that three out of four wives are gone.

Do you think Meri Brown knew how to play the game to keep the money coming in? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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