Why Isn’t The ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5 Reunion On Netflix Yet?

Love is Blind from Netflix, Sourced from YouTube

The viewers of Love Is Blind Season 5 got up this morning ready to watch the reunion show. It isn’t airing on Netflix yet, though. So why isn’t it on there and when will it air?

Huge Update: It is now time for the reunion and it is unavailable for a lot of users! Read more here! 

Why Isn’t Love Is Blind Reunion Up Yet?

The Love Is Blind reunion won’t be airing until 7 p.m. CST tonight on Netflix. That is when it will actually be posted and when you can watch it. A few spoilers are out like the fact that Ulche won’t be there. It hasn’t aired yet, though and nobody has seen it. Spoilers are coming from the cast talking and from previews that Netflix put out.

Will It Be Live Again?

Last season, Love Is Blind tried to do a live reunion and that didn’t work out for them. Instead, they had all kinds of problems and it crashed. They ended up airing it hours later and some people didn’t even get to watch until the next day. So will it be live again? No, it looks like they have learned their lesson and won’t be trying that again. They have already pre-recorded it so it will just simply be put up at 7 p.m. CST tonight instead of trying to go live.

Fans Are Confused

Fans of Love Is Blind Season 5 are confused about why it isn’t out yet. They are going to social media groups and X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their confusion. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Why is the love is blind reunion still not out…
  • I swear, if Vanessa brings up a Love is Blind baby during the reunion Especially this season. None of these couples should even be together, let alone procreating. #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindS5
  • Netflix is weak as shit for how they have been releasing love is blind. We should have got the wedding and the reunion. Y’all are wasting my damn time #LoveIsBlind
  • I’m tired of #LoveIsBlind really. Gotta wait til 8pm to watch a damn reunion with 2 engaged couples and only 1 said “I do.” I’m over this.
  • Is October 15th, why is love is blind reunion not available?
  • his season of love is blind was so bad it’s almost funny like why did i sit through 10 episodes of that and also why will i be seated for the reunion episode tomorrow anyways

Did you expect to be able to watch the Love Is Blind Season 5 reunion this weekend? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss the big reunion tonight at 7 p.m. CST on Netflix.

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