Rachel Lindsay Slams Fans Of Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

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Rachel Lindsay Abasolo spoke out about how people mock the game of football because Travis Kelce is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift. The celebrity singer attracts a lot of attention right now, and not all of it is nice. Rachel starred in The Bachelor in Season 21 but later landed the lead on The Bachelorette. These days, the Bachelor Nation star is married to the man she found on the ABC show, chiropractor Bryan Abasolo.

Rachel Lindsay Is Successful In Her Own Way, But Not An A-Lister

Initially, the Bachelorette star became mostly infamous because ABC fans blamed her for the demise of Chris Harrison. She, in turn, passed the blame onto Katie Thurston. That all happened years ago, and these days, she’s not slammed as much. After all, Chris has moved on, water flowed under the bridge and she lives a fairly quiet life with her husband, Bryan. At the moment, she is considering raising children. She is a busy and busy and successful woman, so time will tell if that happens.

Rachel Lindsay doesn’t share much about her marriage, but she’s ready to talk about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Anyone who seems to have had any connection at all with Taylor is speaking at the moment. In fact. Bachelor Nation star Jordan Rodgers claimed that he knew the singer when he was still young and she wasn’t so well known. He claimed that he shot his shot with her and failed. Of course, the footballer is interested in seeing how she and Travis Kelce work out.

Rachel Lindsay Hates The Disrespect Of Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift

US Weekly reported that the Bachelor Nation star spoke out about the celebrity singer and Travis on The View Behind the Table podcast. The outlet cited her as saying, “It’s just exhausting the way people are, for me…a little obnoxious.” Speaking about fans who love Taylor Swift, she feels that they simply don’t “love… the sport [of football.]” Instead, “they’re into the Taylor–Travis Kelce of it,” she opined.  When she sees that “the media” hype it up, it upsets her. One thing that she hates is when she sees “People…coming to games wearing shirts that say ‘Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.”

Bachelor Nation - Rachel Lindsay And Brian Abasolo Instagram -Strong feelings about Taylor Swift
Bachelor Nation – Rachel Lindsay And Brian Abasolo – Instagram -Strong feelings about Taylor Swift

Even though the former Bachelorette star knows that the popularity of Travis Kelce won’t do him any harm, she hates that it seems “a little disrespectful to the sport and to the game and even to Travis Kelce.” Even Taylor Swift watching the games isn’t helping, according to Rachel. If you don’t know she’s been seen with Donna Kelce watching her rumored boyfriend play.

Travis and Taylor Swift Rumored Split

Rachel Lindsay might as well have said nothing if new rumors turn out to be true. Reportedly, a TikTok video had gone viral and it claims that one of Taylor’s new songs was about her and Travis breaking up already. However, the rumor might not be true as Snopes fact-checked it and declared the story fake. Apparently, the song was made using AI.

What do you think? Are you surprised to hear that the former Bachelor and Bachelorette star feels so strongly about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Do you think she’s correct in claiming that people who go to the games are mocking and disrespecting the two celebrities? At the same time, are those new football fans also disrespecting the game? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to come back here for all your Bachelor Nation and Taylor Swift news.

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