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Rachel Lindsay Has Regrets Over Chris Harrison Situation, What Are They?

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Former star of The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is speaking out months after Chris Harrison officially left The Bachelor franchise. As it turns out, she has some regrets about the entire situation. What are they and how does she feel about Chris now?

Rachel Lindsay shares regrets over Chris Harrison situation

US Weekly shared what Rachel Lindsay had to say on the Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo podcast about The Bachelor franchise and her big fallout with former host Chris Harrison. Why did it take Rachel so long to speak out about that interview that completely changed the franchise?

Rachel said she has a lot of PTSD from the entire incident. She went on to say she needed to step back and get to a point where she could have an honest conversation about it and be herself.

As most fans of Bachelor Nation know, Rachel’s interview with Chris got out of hand when he defended Rachael Kirkconnell. He had said, “the woke police is out there,” and that Kirkconnell was being thrown to the lions.

Rachel Lindsay via Instagram
Rachel Lindsay

As for what Rachel regrets about that interview, she regrets being silent. Rachel said, “I don’t know if I’ve ever said this, but I was a little mad at myself.” She continued, “I have a bit of a temper. I’m extremely opinionated. I like a good debate and I was mad at myself that I was silent.”

She continued on saying further, “There were so many things that I wanted to say and I didn’t, and it took a while for me to say, ‘But you were doing your job. It wasn’t a debate, it was an interview, and you had to allow him to say what he wanted to say.”

Fans of the franchise blamed Rachel for Chris Harrison’s departure. They started saying she canceled him. She even received death threats following that interview.

She said it took a long time for her to realize she was just doing her job. Rachel would have asked those same questions to anyone involved with the franchise.

Because of the fallout and backlash she received, Rachel took a step away from the franchise.

Credit: Chris Harrison/Instagram
Credit: Chris Harrison/Instagram

Where does she stand with Chris Harrison today?

Rachel revealed that she has not spoken to Chris since the day after that interview in February. However, Rachel said Chris did reach out to her after she accepted his apology in March. There has been no contact with him since.

What do you think about Rachel having PTSD over the Chris Harrison interview? Do you think she was to blame for his departure from the franchise?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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  1. Maybe Rachel should have thought before she spoke. She brought it all on herself and now has had huge negative impact on the show. So ya, thanks Rach!

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