‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Wellingtons

Wellingtons Bake on Shark Tank

Delivery food companies became more popular than ever during the lockdowns, and they still have a huge following now. Wellingtons is a food delivery service appearing on Shark Tank this week that has a niche they are filling in this ever-growing business model. They want a shark to take a bite on their ideas.

Here is a look at Wellingtons from Shark Tank and where to buy the company’s products.

What is Wellingtons on Shark Tank?

Wellingtons is a food delivery service in Los Angeles that has done something unique to carve out its niche in the crowded business model. They specialize in one specific item – ready-to-bake Beef Wellington and its different variations. The company’s goal is to make it easier to enjoy high-quality meals in the comfort of one’s home thanks to them delivering the meals to them.

Wellingtons Bake on Shark Tank

The company focuses on using only natural ingredients with no preservatives and they have started to gain traction in Los Angeles. Arya and Anastasia Alexander came up with the idea during the pandemic when they were not happy with the options available in food delivery. They decided they could create their own specialty dishes and came up with several recipes that ended up popular with friends and family.

They soon added Chicken Pot Pie Wellington, Salmon Welly, and Breakfast and Burger Wellingtons to their variety of Beef Wellington products. Two years later, the Alexander couple had a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles to make and deliver their food.

Where to buy Wellingtons from Shark Tank

For Shark Tank fans who find the Wellingtons offerings tantalizing, the website to get more information is at wellingtons.la. There is also a chance for a 20% discount for sharing an email with the company.  This brings up the question of the cost.

Wellington Bake on Shark Tank

For a dinner serving between four and six people, the King Wellington runs $180. For a dinner that serves between two to three people, the Large Wellington costs $90. Finally, for a person who just wants a meal for themselves, the Personal Wellington is $35. The dishes arrive frozen and ready to bake.

There are also individual food products to choose from. The Cheeseburger Wellington is $15. The Cheeseburger Welly Bites (15 pieces) cost $15. The Nutellington with Nutella two-pack is $15. Finally, the Breakfast Wellington runs $13. There is also a combo pack for large groups that runs $150. They also sell their special sauces for between $4 and $7. There is also free shipping for larger orders.

Shark Tank is on every week on ABC at 8/7c.

Do you think that Wellingtons has what it takes to succeed as a food company? Was it worth the shark’s investment on Shark Tank this week? Let us know your thoughts on this company in the comments below.

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