Does ‘Golden Bachelor’ Show Older Generation In Negative Light?

The Golden Bachelor/Credit: ABC YouTube

Does ABC’s Golden Bachelor show the older generation in a negative light? See what one of the rejected contestants has to say.

From Nice To Nasty? Jealousy Enters Bachelor Mansion

One of the biggest differences Bachelor Nation fans see on The Golden Bachelor is the relationships between the female contestants. Instead of the usual backstabbing and snide remarks, viewers find it refreshing that the senior ladies ladies support and uplift one another.

During a recent episode, one contestant said it would be impossible for Gerry Turner to choose because all the women are amazing.

Credit: ABC YouTube
Credit: ABC YouTube

But their bond will be tested during this week’s episode. ABC shared a teaser on YouTube, captioning the clip, “Romance, drama, and jealousy heat up.”

In the teaser, Caitlyn Jenner lookalike Kathy Swarts abruptly leaves the room when another contestant brags about what a great kisser Gerry Turner is.

Frontrunner Faith Martin tearfully tells Turner, “I can’t stay here any longer.” Fans will have to tune in to see how it all plays out, as teaser trailers are notoriously misleading.

Jeanie Howard Reveals She’s A Bachelor Nation Fan

Jeanie Howard and Natascha Hardee are two women Gerry Turner has sent home so far this season. Many viewers want Hardee as the first-ever Golden Bachelorette.

Gerry Turner applied to be the lead because his two daughters are huge Bachelor fans. It turns out that Jeanie Howard also has a familial connection to the show. Speaking to AARP after her exit, she shared how the original Bachelor was a way to bond with her mother.

“My mama watched The Bachelor show, and I found that I couldn’t have good conversations with her if I didn’t watch it,” Howard told the outlet.

She added, “Never did I think that I would ever be on it, but we all know what we should not say about never.

When asked if the older ladies have an advantage over the 20-somethings, she said, “With age comes wisdom.

Former Contestant Weighs In On If Golden Bachelor Showing Old People In Negative Light

Viewers have been widely praising Golden Bachelor, even delighting in the fact that Gerry Turner and his contestants toast with OJ instead of champagne.

Credit: ABC YouTube
Credit: ABC YouTube

AARP asked Natascha Hardee if she thought the show “makes older people look bad,” as some people say. The pro-aging coach disagrees completely.

“It actually changes people’s perspective about aging. People feel like these women are exciting, they’re interesting. This show is a great representation of aging in excellence.” – Natascha Hardee, AARP.

In fact, despite her rejection, she has “no regrets” about her time on The Golden Bachelor.

As for advice for the women left, Jeanie Howard’s advice is simple: “Be themselves.”

Do you think The Golden Bachelor is showing seniors in a positive or negative light? Let us know how you feel about the show in the comments below.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern on ABC.

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