‘WCTH’ #LucaBeth Lucas, Elizabeth Fans React To Episode

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Tonight at the end of When Calls The Heart fans were thrown for a loop with how things changed. The love story between Lucas and Elizabeth just might be over. The #LucaBeth fans are really upset and went to Twitter to share their thoughts.

What Went Down On WCTH

It was revealed during the finale tonight that Lucas would be running for Governor. This was what the people wanted and they thought he would win. Elizabeth acted like she was totally okay with him running, but at the last minute, she made it clear that she didn’t want to leave Hope Valley. It looks like these two might be over and a wedding might never happen. That is pretty shocking considering that they were the great love story last season of WCTH. Season 10 started out like there would be a wedding this season, but that never happened and it is clear that it won’t be happening now.

Fans React To Finale

Fans of Elizabeth and Lucas went to Twitter to share their thoughts and they were not happy. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Wish I hadn’t watched now……… #LucaBeth
  • #LucaBeth I hope you decide to have a live video after this episode. I’m so disgusted after 10 seasons that they wasted our time. It’s maddening. I’m done
  • WCTH is dead to me. I hated this season and I hate the new show runner. Brian lied to us. Elizabeth and the show just lost all its integrity. What utter garbage.

    #hearties #lucabeth

  • #Hearties #Lucabeth I hope Lucas wins and gets his own show. I will wait til Episode 12, but right now I am done with the show. I hate Elizabeth’s character and I really hate Nathan the snake.
  • Then why put us hearties through the whole beautiful engagement scene .. while we wait for the wedding in all of S10 only to find out she breaks off her engagement.. #hearties #lucabeth #WCTH #nowedding
  • I had every hope that E&L would come back together after this episode, but now I’m just dumbstruck. #hearties #lucabeth

Are you upset over the way that things ended with Elizabeth and Lucas tonight on When Calls The Heart? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the Season 10 finale next week on Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST on Hallmark. The show has already been renewed for another season and has started filming, but a release date hasn’t been revealed.

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  1. done with elizabeth. she shouldn’t have told him that she would go with him and then breakup at the last minute . was my favorite character – now she is a horrible person.good by when calls the heart

  2. I, too am shocked……really? Do we have to go thru all this again??? I really don’t know what the right answer is,but, can we PLEASE have closure on this and not have to wait for yet another season!!!!!

    1. Not surprised. Big fan either way. I will continue to watch regardless. There are other characters to focus on. Also a big fan of Nathan’s:).

  3. Done! Not interested in finale or seeing Elizabeth pine for Nathan. Are we just supposed to forget the beauty of how she was so confident Lucas was the right choice? I was hoping Nathan would move on with Fiona. I hate when shows do this. I completely am turned off.

    1. What happened to: “ I do love you, Nathan, but I am not in love with you. “ “ Nathan came into my life for a reason but he is not my lifetime and I am not his.” And Nathan to Lucas:
      I always knew her heart was with you. What we share is not the same as you two share.”
      Hallmark can be sappy at times but the characters usually stay true to themselves. Elizabeth has been portrayed as a loyal, honest straight arrow. She has become disingenuous, fickle and hurtful. And Nathan, a Mountie, supposedly with integrity has become a backstabbing cad who has desperately pursued Elizabeth even after she was engaged. Elizabeth accepted Lucas’ proposal to become a husband to her and a father to Little Jack. What was a true love story became a one minute breakup. Shame on you, writers. I am moving on. Perhaps to CW’s Sullivans Crossing with Morgan Koran from When Hope Calls.

      1. Me too.Sick of sweet talking Elizabeth.Lucus a good guy surprised by E telling him it’s over right before he gets on the train.You writers have just blown it.season 11 will go down because not enough viewers.Good bye WCTH.

  4. no, I’m not upset. Season 11 has been really well done. I could never see real chemistry with Lucas so tonight makes sense for me. The costuming this season has been wonderful except that rennaissance flag dress Florence wore to the ball. It was underwhelming in a prior season (Rosemary wore it?) and underwhelming at the ball. What am I missing? Put some bling on the belt at least.

    1. Elizabeth and Lucas are boring! She was only with Lucas because she felt safe and secure. She’s in Love with Nathan! I have watched it this season but I have never liked her with Lucas! Team Nathan all the way!

  5. I am so sad they changed their minds and went this direction. Everyone accepted the decision of Lucas and Elizabeth as a couple. It would of be sweeter to show how they worked thru her fears with Lucas then just casting them off. Lucas has always been understanding why wouldn’t he be understanding of other things. She’s a brat. Heck he he was willing to move into a house
    She shared with her husband

  6. Chris McNalley is choosing to leave the show and pursue different ventures. How else can you remove a central character and still continue with another season of When calls the Heart? They surely can’t kill of another central figure the way they did Jack when Daniel Lissing chose to leave the show to pursue other ventures.

      1. Lucas needs to win the election, go back to Hope Valley before before becoming governor, start dating Fiona and take her to Capital City with him. She’s an activist, a go getter and not the wimpy crybaby Elizabeth is.

    1. No he isn’t. He is already filming season 11. He said in the aftershow that he is liking his storyline,. Honestly, he would be better with Fiona. They both have that go getter personality, where as Elizabeth and Nathan are more down to earth family types.

    2. Which, evidently didn’t work out as he thought it would hardly see him in any movies. Everybody’s blaming this break up on Elizabeth Lucas did not seem heartbroken he, I think was.having second thoughts as he wants grander and she just wants a quiet life. Everyone is taking for granted that she’s going to be with Nathan but we all might be in for a big shocker.

      1. No she will be with him. There is no one else for her to be with plus he over riders her in everything because he knows better than her. That has happened since he joined the cast. She could have done so many good things for the women and girls in Canada as the Govenor’s wife right from Hope Valley. l am guessing love is worth fighting for only if Elizabeth says so … guess not in this case.

  7. I have loved this season! Elizabeth and Lucas were boring to watch. i actually enjoyed watching Lucas without her. Nathan and Elizabeth are kindred spirits, and their scenes together are pure gold. I am looking forward to the finale and to season 11. Hope for many more seasons to come!

    1. If you think Lucas and Elizabeth were boring wait until you see these next two. Nathan is the most boring person on the cast. Ned and Florence have more personality..

  8. So disappointed In Elizabeth. It took 2 years to choose Lucas but 2 minutes to break up with him. Did she think that little of him? She showed no respect. She is selfish. I think Elizabeth should move out of Hope Valley and Rosemary and Lee should be the show’s front runners!

    1. I think she is selfish too. Maybe he should have just walked away and let the town dry up. Maybe then they would see how much Lucas did for the town. Maybe they should rename the town. Hope Vally, most selfish residents in Canada!!!

  9. I sat and cried over a stupid TV show last night. Elizabeth’s character is so changed this season that she is selfish, weak, cruel and indecisive. How can anyone take advice from such a selfish neurotic and dishonest person. She is so far out of his league. I am not a Daniel Lissing nor a Kevin McQuarry fan so it makes sense rhat their fans don’t care for Chris. As for who made the decision to give us such a slow mixed mess this season they need to be replaced. I watch the show to be uplifted not crushed or confused-like what happened to Molly and Bill? They were amusing and fun or Mei who went from a spitfire to a wallflower. Color me blue. I am 77 so not in the desired demographics.

  10. Couldn’t be more thrilled with this story arc. Elizabeth and Lucas had no fire. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Outstanding writing and acting this season.

    1. I cant wait to see the ashes you will now call exciting. But l am not hanging around to hear her whine about sitting on a cold outhouse seat when she could have had warmth. l do hope Lucas builds the house and Elizabeth has to pass it everyday to school.

  11. Shades of S5 when they killed Jack off. Now maybe those who were telling us to “move on,” “it’s just a show” have a little empathy. I did not watch S6 through S9. Occasionally I’d get updates on Facebook about what was going on. Had no preference on TL or TN. I remain Team Jack forever but that’s not going to happen. I enjoy a well written story with characters who are suited for each other and actors who bring the story to life. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some of the qualities of the original S1. Let’s see if TPTB can capitalize on it this time or throw it away again. I don’t care if Elizabeth marries anyone as long as I believe it suits her character. She came to “Coal Valley” for a reason.in the last 4 years she did not seem to be the same person. Is she back? I’m not convinced yet.

  12. SO disappointed, especially the way she broke it off. Really?? When he’s getting on a train in a hurry, to go campaign! I know it won’t effect anything, me not watching anymore, but I don’t even want to watch the last episode or another season right now. And she doesn’t need another Mounty regardless of who she ends up with!!

  13. I like the plot twist!!!! I love watching the story unfold! Am I upset about it? No…..its just show folks! The characters are not real. If you don’t like how it turned out, then make up your own story on how it turns out…after all, it is all pretend! Relax!

  14. What an awful character arch the writers chose. So Lucas is entirely selfless and running to save Hope Valley and Elizabeth can’t even put aside her selfishness to support him? You also can’t undo multiple seasons of love in 2 episodes to have Elizabeth in love with Nathan now. What lazy writing.

  15. Elizabeth said yes to Lucas because he was safe. He doesn’t wear a red uniform. We all saw how she reacted a few weeks ago when she thought Nathan could have been hurt out on patrol. So now that she’s dumped Lucas is she going to be able to put aside her fears and accept Nathan. Will he have to choose between her and his career? Elizabeth is a lot of work!!

  16. There are literally no other shows I’ve followed for as many years as WCTH. It just has always had a special something that other shows did not. I know it’s “just a show”, but it’s an hour investment in my time every week- that I look forward to. It’s the only hour of the week that my family knows is MY TIME. I literally felt gutted after Sunday’s episode. I agree, there’s been little fire in the E&L storyline this year, but that’s because this was a planned ending by the show runner. Can you even imagine the confusion of next season with ANOTHER season of the three of them on set?? And what about little Jack’s character? How do they make him just so easily accept that the old soon to be dad is still around, but he’s not really ever going to live in your house… And if she’s just in love with the Mountie image, have her just say she can’t love another- Jack was her one and only. Seriously think I’m done, and also done with Hallmark. It was the only thing left that I watched on the channel. It’s lost everything of what it use to be.

  17. Three seasons of WCTH ruined by the new showrunner in a couple of episodes but truly the whole of season 10 had very little good. Poor little Jack. And btw, having the actors try to justify this twisted extreme u-turn in the show is low. WCTH should leave them out of it. They don’t write the show. Where is the integrity of “feel good storytelling ” at Hallmark? What heroine of a great show acts like she is some fickle, selfish soap diva? WCTH is in my rear view and Hallmark is rapidly making me rethink my loyalty to the whole channel. In the streaming world channels can be cancelled very easily and Hallmark has several channels. Maybe Hallmark should look at other brands who chose to spit on their loyal consumers-you know the ones who pay for the product by watching or using them.

  18. Lucas built her a library, got her book published and showed over and over his desire to her. I was so happy when she chose Lucas over Nathan. The only thing Nathan has going for him is his red jacket.
    I’m sad and angry that the show has taken this turn.

  19. I agree, it seems rather childish. The writers were swayed the other way because a bunch of women were so enraged that Elizabeth chose the very handsome Lucas ,instead of Nathan they went running to the writers to complain. l can’t believe it. I was enjoying the writing of this sweet romantic series but now I’m disappointed because it has no stability, if the writers can be swayed by disgruntled viewers I’m no longer interested. Thank you, Nora Garcia

    1. I agree. Everything has been torn from this little boy, no matter how you try you cannot rip his Buddy from him. You people are sick!!

  20. I agree. Everything has been torn from this little boy, no matter how you try you cannot rip his Buddy from him. You people are sick!!

  21. I agree!! This was a sweet family program … that is now dead. The kids are back in the classroom but what they have learned is to use people for what they wanted then break it off when they are done. Can’t blame that on Elizabeth but she is the teacher. l think Fiona could have taught Allie so many things in so many different parts of her life. I would not want her teaching my kids!!

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