‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Hope & Thomas On Borrowed Time

The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s a no-brainer that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) will implode in the near future. Give it time — this isn’t exactly a love story. However, for Thomas it certainly is.

Hope is using Thomas even if she’s nice about it

Hope is using Thomas. Yes, The Bold and the Beautiful writers make Hope honest about her feelings for Thomas. She’s genuinely open about her intentions … interested in only a friends with benefits arrangement. Even in the middle of making love, Hope does a vibe check on Thomas. Gotta give the girl credit for her concern, but something isn’t sinking in for Thomas. The lovelorn fashion designer is equally honest with his muse about his feelings for her. Thomas loves Hope no matter her feelings for him.

The Bold and The Beautiful
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So, how’s this going to finish? There may not be an end … for either one fully. Dysfunctional is the word for their scenario. As The Bold and the Beautiful has revealed for years, Thomas has a thing for Hope.  Obviously, she’s changed her tune since she saw herself lust for the handsome designer. She’s not committed to a serious relationship with Thomas- just being lovers. Nothing wrong with such agreements except we’re talking about an unstable person at the core who wants more from Hope.

Finn gets inside Hope’s head on The Bold and the Beautiful’s new twist

Finn (Tanner Novlan) is getting inside Hope’s head. It’s clear she’s latching onto his words about how she can do better than the Forrester bad boy. A confused Hope is wondering if her feelings are swaying a different direction now. Not a great sign for Thomas.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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A foreshadowing noted on the last few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful show Taylor (Krista Allen) rocked by the whole situation. She fears Thomas’ casual involvement with Hope will trigger an unhealthy outcome. As she emphasizes to her son, Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) daughter is calling all the shots. In a moment of explaining that he’s capable of handling everything with Hope, Thomas tells his mom that he believes he and Hope will wind up together. A red flag to fans that this shows all signs of meeting disaster.

Fallout is coming for Hope and Thomas

We see Hope discovering herself and letting go. When she’s ready for true love, it’s not going to be Thomas. She’ll leave him in the cold — and he won’t accept it. In fact, he’ll be more obsessed after being intimate with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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It’s far too premature to speculate, but will Hope be paired with Finn? Her dad (Sean Kanan) is going to marry Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Finn’s marriage to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes) is shaky at best due to Sheila. A new dynamic is about to unfold. Finn and Hope will be put in a precarious spot. Between the two possibly being open-minded to Sheila’s change, will it impact Hope and Finn equally? Hard to say. One thing is for sure – Hope is in a flighty state. She doesn’t love Thomas and … it’ll come back to bite him. The only question is, who’ll be Hope’s new man? For now, it’s safe to count Liam (Scott Clifton) out.

Come back for more thoughts and speculations on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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