What Is Fate Of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ Amid Backlash?

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Drew Barrymore has been simmering in hot water since she tried to bring her talk show back amid the WGA strike. The talk show host slapped the three WGA writers on her production team in the face by believing the show could return for a new season without them. So, it came as a surprise to no one when these three writers decided to bail amid the end of the strike and the show’s return.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, producers were scrambling with what to do as all three writers bailed just before the new season kicks off. Is the future of Drew Barrymore’s talk show in danger? Keep reading for the details.

A Recap Of Her Massive Mistake

It was on September 10th that Drew Barrymore made a mistake that continues to haunt her. She took to Instagram with an announcement. An announcement that The Drew Barrymore Show would return. It would just return without writers. In a week’s time, the talk show host changed her mind and pulled the plug on the show. But, that was only after she issued an empty apology to defend herself while trying to push forward.

Drew Barrymore’s apology prior to pulling the plug didn’t sit well with people. In fact, it only made things worse. The talk show host wanted people to forgive her, but she failed to see the error of her decisions.

Most who have been following this story agree it is unfortunate that Drew Barrymore made this massive mistake. Why? Because it wasn’t too long after that the strike officially came to an end. With the strike ending, the talk show could have come back with zero backlash. Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

Drew Barrymore/YouTube
Drew Barrymore – YouTube

What Is Fate Of The Drew Barrymore Show Amid Backlash?

Presently, the show is conducting interviews to find replacement writers. The entire situation is a bit of a rushed emergency because the Season 4 Premiere is scheduled for October 16th.

Chatter on social media, however, suggests many have doubts about the future of the show. Entering Season 4, a lot of people really loved the show. Furthermore, Drew Barrymore was one of the most loved talk show hosts on television until she made this mistake. Now, many worry the show may not have much of a future as the TV personality has left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

Moreover, some are questioning if new writers will apply for the vacant positions. Or, if there will be a stench that comes attached to landing those positions after what happened.

Is The Drew Barrymore doomed to be canceled after Season 4? Sadly, that is what a lot of viewers are fearing will happen after so many people refuse to let go. Do you plan on watching Season 4? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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