‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Cut Off By Loud Audience Member

Whoopi Goldberg/YouTube, The View

Whoopi Goldberg was interrupted by an audience member during Tuesday’s taping of The View. She paused in the middle of the live broadcast to address the person before continuing. What did the audience member have to say and what was Whoopi’s response? Keep reading to find out.

Whoopi Goldberg Has Been Increasingly Fiesty On ‘The View’

It seems that Whoopi Goldberg has had a short temper on The View recently. During the Hot Topics discussion, the rest of the ladies began to discuss Taylor Swift’s romance with NFL star Travis Kelce.

Whoopi Goldberg/YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

While Sara Haines talked about how many people have written the relationship off as a publicity stunt and Alyssa Farrah Griffin mentioned she hoped they came up with a better name than “Traylor,” Whoopi seemed to be completely checked out. She appeared to be annoyed with her elbows on the table and head in her hands.

Whoopi asked the rest of The View hosts, “What about the football?” Sunny Hostin waited a beat before responding to her, saying, “I think the reason no one has answered your question is because we don’t really care about football.” Then Whoopi Goldberg asked why they were discussing the topic at all.

Sunny responded that they wanted to discuss “Traylor” because it involved Taylor Swift. This isn’t the first time Whoopi has seemingly been snappy with her co-hosts recently either. Not too long ago, The View host got on Sunny’s case about a poorly-timed joke that made her lose her train of thought.

Earlier this week, there was another instance where Whoopi Goldberg seemed to lose her cool with her co-hosts. They were discussing a poll conducted by ABC and The Washington Post that showed Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden for the presidency in the double digits.

Ana Navarro, laughing, said “I don’t know if the people asking the questions were high, or the people answering the questions were high, but somebody’s got to have been on some edibles or something else. This poll is off the charts.” Once the audience simmered down after the joke, Whoopi started to speak on the subject.

However, before she could get a word in, Sunny Hostin cut her off. Alyssa Farrah Griffin invited Whoopi Goldberg to continue her thought and she clapped back saying, “I will finish my thought.”

A Loud Audience Member Cuts The View Host Off

As Whoopi was introducing the show for the day, she was rudely cut off by an audience member who yelled, “We love you, Ana!” Before she could wrap up her sentence, Ana cut Whoopi off to say “Thank you” to the person in the audience.

Ana Navarro waved at the person while another person hollered out that they loved her too. Many of the other hosts grinned at what happened. Whoopi seemed less enthused though.

Ana Navarro /YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

“Anyone else?” she asked the audience. There was laughter from around the room and, once it calmed down, Whoopi Goldberg said that they all loved Ana too.

It seems as though Whoopi is getting more annoyed with the other members of the panel on The View recently. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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