‘Life Below Zero’ Sue Aikens Battles Grief Over Granddaughter

Susan Aikens of National Geographic's Life Below Zero - Feature

Life Below Zero has always brought out the tough survivalist side of Sue Aikens. She has proven herself to be one of the most hardcore and talented adventurers. Within her appearances on Life Below Zero, she demonstrated her natural grit to the viewers. Unfortunately, with the loss of both her sister and her granddaughter, she paid tribute to them and was moved to tears during a recent episode.

Sue Aikens’ Beautiful Tribute To Loving Souls

As fans watched Susan Aikens offer the tribute on Life Below Zero, it sparked curiosity about what happened to Sue’s granddaughter. Knowing that she was mourning such a young person brought many unanswered questions. Sadly, her granddaughter Drew McClurg recently died based on what she disclosed in the episode. While seemingly shaken up, she talked about the importance of her family to her in the episode.

Making it more difficult, Susan Aikens also said “goodbye” to her sister recently as well. She wrote in an Instagram post, “My Sister Pam passed suddenly yesterday. I happened to have this video of her from 2009 to me, on another Saturday night. Life can be very poetic. She waves, says “I love you” and waves goodbye. All without any voice, which in death’s embrace, she cannot use. Fly high you little ball of Stardust!! Haunt, laugh… and shine like a lil supernova…”

Unknown Circumstances

While the exact details of Drew’s death haven’t come to light, it is unmistakable it has a huge influence on Sue Aikens. Subsequently, we don’t know for sure how she died. Following the airing of her tribute in Season 21, viewers expressed their concern about Sue. For all the fans who have followed her journey for years, this was starkly different from her norm. Ordinarily, for fans of Life Below Zero, she is such an amazing source of light and hope even in terrible challenges. To see her grieving broke their hearts. On Instagram, people posted comments that showed their encouragement through this difficult time. Many let Sue know they care by sending out messages of prayers and thoughts for her.


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Fans Send Sue Aikens Many Messages Of Support

One said, “Praying for you Sue! Please take care of yourself. Life can be incredibly hard, but know you have lots of love and prayers holding you up.” Another added her support for Sue Aikens, “Hope you’re doing better. I’m not sure of the lag time between filming and air, but, you were pretty down. Do you have an estimate of when you will be retiring and moving to your Cabin? Hope it’s sooner than later, for your sake.” 

Offering more support,  a fan aptly put it, “Sue, your tributes to your sister and granddaughter were beautiful.” And another, “May the souls of Drew McClurg and Sue Aikens’ sister rest in peace.”

Well Wishes For Drew

Additionally, Sue Aikens wished Drew a happy birthday in a post from roughly two years ago on Instagram. “Happy 18th Birthday to my granddaughter Drew!! Your presents didn’t make it down in time… but your presence has filled my heart with Joy for every day you have been here!! Papa Eddie is shining from above!! I love you!!!” she wrote.

Sue Aikens Shared Her Precious Love

Sue Aikens shared a wonderful love with her granddaughter. And now Sue has been gracious enough to pass that endearment on to fans. Caringly, fans are hoping she will take time to heal in her time of grief and great loss. Although the exact details of Drew’s death are not public, that seems to be what the family wants at this time.

Please pass along any love and hope you can for Sue Aikens as she travels through this time. Feel free to drop any comments below about Life Below Zero or of encouragement during this difficult time.

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  1. Oddly I just watched the episode about you loss of your sister and grand daughter when I happened upon this post. I had just clicked on your picture and this article was with the picture. I was so touched by your words of tribute and love. It was such a sweet and loving way to say goodbye and hello. I have always said that a person doesn’t really die, because no energy in the universe is ever lost. You really touched me when you said the same thing. God bless you and my love to your heart.

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