‘Life Below Zero’ Susan Aikens’ Death Trends, Fans Panic: Hoax?

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The hearts of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero fans sank as they browsed the Internet for updates on the show and realized Susan Aikens’ death was trending. Panic set in when even searching “Sue Aiken dead” on Google yielded results claiming she passed away in March of this year at age 57.

Is it possible this Life Below Zero star has passed away? Or, is she the latest victim of a nasty death hoax? Keep reading as TV Shows Ace dives into it.

Life Below Zero Susan Aikens’ Death Trends

Searching for updates on Life Below Zero yields several recent reports claiming Susan Aikens has passed away. Searching her name on the “news” tab on Google returns even more reports claiming she is dead. Shockingly, however, the reports all seem to claim she passed away in March of this year. The most recent reports claim her cause of death was “undisclosed.”

One outlet reported: “Her sudden passing at the age of 57 in March 2023 has left a void in many hearts. The cause of her death remains undisclosed, adding to the sense of loss felt by fans worldwide.”

Has something happened to her?


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National Geographic Fans Panic

On a Reddit community dedicated to the show, one fan of Life Below Zero admits they had a heart attack after seeing reports Susan had passed away.

“I almost had a heart attack when I was looking up LBZ stuff this morning. And there were some articles saying she passed away in March of this year. I looked that up specifically and I found some articles she died of undisclosed reasons and other articles (mostly these) saying that no, she is in fact alive.”

What really had the OP scratching their head was why so many outlets are reporting she died in March. Did something happen that inspired these rumors? Other fans chimed in that they were just as relieved, but also confused about these rumors.

Is Susan Aikens Alright?

Fortunately, there is no real cause for concern. These recent reports are nothing more than death hoaxes. National Geographic’s Life Below Zero star Susan Aikens is very much alive. In fact, she’s been fairly active on social media lately. In the past 24 hours, the TV personality has posted on her Instagram twice. One of her posts included a beautiful and vibrant selfie of herself.


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In the comments on her Instagram, her followers seem to be unbothered by the death hoax rumors. In fact, there did not appear to be a single comment telling her about the hoax and asking if she was alright.

Were you among those in a bit of a panic when you saw reports she had passed away? Are you relieved to know this was just a death hoax? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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