‘Life Below Zero’ Susan Aikens Shares Devastating Loss

Susan Aikens of National Geographic's Life Below Zero - Feature

Susan Aikens of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero took to all of her social media profiles with some pretty heartbreaking news this morning. Sadly, she was mourning the death of a loved one. Who was it that passed away? Keep reading for the details on this devastating loss.

Life Below Zero Susan Aikens Shares Devastating Loss

Sharing two different photos of her loved one, Susan Aikens of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero reveals her furbaby has passed away. She penned in a caption attached to Instagram: “Thank you for being the bestest poochie ever Lil Bawb.” 

On Facebook, her tribute varied slightly. She thanked her furbaby for being her very best friend. And, she added that he was the best dog she could have asked for.


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On Instagram, she shared a precious photo of her furbaby lying down on the back of a piece of furniture. It looked to be the back of a couch or a chair with a blanket draped over it. Her furbaby had a yellow toy wrapped in its paws as it rested its head on top of the toy.

Over on Facebook, she shared a vibrant photo of her furbaby playfully on its back. Her pup looked up at the camera as the photo was snapped. Scrolling through her Instagram, her beloved furbaby did make the occasional appearance in the background of some of her photos. Sadly, this heartbreaking post was the first time she had posted on Instagram in a few weeks.


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Life Below Zero Fans React To Tragic News

Many of Susan Aikens’ followers could relate to her post. They knew the heartbreak of losing a furbaby. In addition to sending condolences, many opted to share their own stories of heartbreak. Some thanked her for taking the time to share the beautiful photos of her furbaby. Here’s some of what her followers shared in the comments of her post:

  • “These little ones, they give us their entire lives, we give them part of ours. The time we get to spend together with dogs is a gift. You gave her a life that was wonderful, and she gave it back. I’m so sorry for your loss. She will always be with you, part of you. Rest well, pup.”
  • “Sorry for your loss. Lil Bawb will always be with you in spirit. Please take care.”
  • “Sorry for your loss! I’ve lost two of my furry friends within the last 9-months. Never easy.”
  • “They are always good listeners and loyal to the end. Better than many friends i have had.”

Many hoped the Life Below Zero star wasn’t suffering too much over the passing of her furbaby. Moreover, they hoped she knew her furbaby would always be with her in spirit and in her heart.

Rest in peace, Lil Bawb.

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