Fans Of ‘Life Below Zero’ Want To Know If Jessie Holmes Is Single

Fans Of Life Below Zero Want To Know If Jessie Holmes Is Single [Credit: Jessie Holmes/Instagram]

Life Below Zero fans want to know more about the people who brave the harsh Alaskan winter. Some of them live in remote parts of the state. Sometimes it can get lonely during the dark winter months. The closest neighbor is sometimes hundreds of miles away. Jessie Holmes is just one of the Alaskan residents who appeared on the series since 2015.

He’s faced against some of the harshest elements known to mankind. But that doesn’t stop him. Fans have learned about his love of racing dogs. Yet, they want to know more about the man, including whether he has a wife or girlfriend.

Is there a Mrs. Jessie Holmes?

At the time of this writing, Jessie is currently single. Though he appears on a reality show, he keeps his personal life to himself. The show is focused on his survival skills during those long, cold winters. Still, that hasn’t stopped Life Below Zero fans from wondering if there’s a Mrs. Jessie Holmes in his home.

In August 2021, Jessie shared a photo of himself with a lady. He announced that he and his friend Annie joined the Yukon Quest 550, which is set to take place in February 2022. Jessie shared that he can’t wait to hit the trail with Annie and their dogs. One fan took to the comment section to share: “A Mrs. Jesse Holmes would be fantastic🔥❤️

Jessie Holmes Personal Life [Credit: Jessie Holmes/Instagram]
[Credit: Jessie Holmes/Instagram]
In the photo, both Jessie and Annie smile as they hold up their applications. They also pose with their little dog. This comes just months after Jessie was spotted with another woman in January 2021. During that time, he cozied up to a woman named Julie. The two celebrated a race that she competed in, but most fans couldn’t help but notice the body language in the photo.

“She is cute ask her out for a day! ❤️” one fan wrote. “Is this your wife?” a second one asked as another asked, “Your girlfriend? 😳💔” That last fan was heartbroken over the image. However, they could be nothing more than just friends.

Does the star from Life Below Zero have any kids?

So far, Jessie has not revealed that he has any kids. His dogs are pretty much his family. Rather than sharing his personal life, Jessie shares photos of his many dogs on social media. While Jessie’s dating history is unclear, it’s likely that he doesn’t have any kids.

He’s focused mostly on racing dogs, which is his biggest passion. It would be hard to raise a family in some of the harshest conditions where temperatures often reach below zero. Jessie’s biggest focus and love in his life are his dogs. He even rode off with them on Christmas Eve, as he practices for the big race in February.

You can catch Life Below Zero on ABC, National Geographic, and Disney+.

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