Gabby Windey Gets Schooled On GF, Robby Hoffman’s Religion

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Bachelorette star Gabby Windey’s girlfriend, Robby Hoffman grew up in the Hasidic faith, a sub-group of Haredi Judaism. As she’s Jewish and she still practices her faith, she’s schooling the Bachelor Nation star on her faith.

Gabby Windey & Robby Hoffman Hooked Up

Robby Hoffman and her new lover came out as a couple in August, and initially, people felt shocked. Not because they are both women, but because her new lover had just worked her way through dozens of male suitors on the ABC dating show. Apparently, she told her family and friends first and denied they ever hid it from anyone. However, people have grown used to them being together now.

For Gabby Windey, becoming part of the gay scene had been a huge learning curve. Initially, the people in the community felt suspicious about her sudden interest in girls. Probably, they feared that she would use her gayness for clicks. Nonetheless, she sounds genuine now and claims that she probably won’t ever date a man again. Life moves on and she’s getting used to life with Robby Hoffman, the Jewish comedian.

Bachelorette Gabby Windey Gets Into Robby’s Religion

Bachelor Nation reported that Gabby did a Q&A on Instagram a few days ago and she spoke about Judaism. Interestingly, she claimed that she “fasted in solidarity” with Robby on Yom Kippur. Actually, meals seem deeply ingrained in the faith of most Orthodox Jews, and it takes a lot of schooling to understand everything about it. Certainly, Robby, who grew up in the faith can teach her a lot.

Bachelorette Gabby Windey Gets Schooled On Robby' Hoffman's Religion Instagram
Bachelorette Gabby Windey and Robby Hoffman come from different cultures – Instagram

One Bachelorette fan asked Gabby Windey, “What did you learn about Judaism that you didn’t know before?”

In her answer, the reality TV star said, “I’ve learned so many things. Every day is a history lesson with Rob, and I eat it all up! Even watched the prince of Egypt and I’m like omg baby, Moses was real??!!” If you don’t know, The Prince of Egypt from 1998 is an animated story about the book of Exodus.

Gabby Windey and Robby via INsta

Will The Bachelorette Star Convert?

Perhaps Robby will help Gabby Windey get into the faith to the point where she might wish to convert. Certainly, it sounds like she enjoys being schooled in everything. Speaking about her Judaism with Heyalma, Robby once said, “I like performing to big audiences. I grew up with big crowds. A lot of Jews together is, to me, funner than five Jews together. The more we can get, the better.” Perhaps she will one day, add one more to the crowd.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the Bachelor Nation alum might convert to Judaism one day? Did you know that Robby Hoffman was Jewish? Let us know in the comments below. Then remember to come back here for everything about The Bachelorette.

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