Tino Franco Shares More Details Of Rachel Recchia Split

Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Now that his contract with ABC is over, former Bachelorette contestant Tino Franco breaks his silence about his split with Rachel Recchia. Keep reading to find out what he has to say about the cheating allegations and the reaction from viewers.

The Bachelorette Rachel Recchia’s Relationship Timeline With Ex-Fiance

Bachelor Nation viewers first met Rachel Recchia as a contestant on Clayton Echard‘s season of The Bachelor. She was later named co-lead of Season 19 along with Gabby Windey.

Rachel Recchia got engaged to Tino Franco during the Season 19 finale of The Bachelorette. However, what viewers at home didn’t know was that the couple had already broken up.

Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube
Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

Parts of the breakup were filmed, and viewers were shocked to find out that Tino had kissed another woman while he was engaged to Rachel.

The two had a tense confrontation during the After the Final Rose special. However, Tino Franco hasn’t said much about the split due to his contract with ABC.

He did previously reveal that he didn’t think he was wrong to kiss another woman.

Tino Franco Shares More Details On Rachel Recchia Split

Now that Tino is no longer under contract with the network, he had a long chat with blogger Dave Neal for his Dave Neal Show on YouTube.

According to Tino Franco, he and Rachel Recchia were on a “space break,” and she had already returned the engagement ring before he kissed another woman.

However, he still felt it was the right thing to do to tell her, regardless of whether the kiss was technically cheating or not. “Like, if we were going to build a future together, I think that was a good idea to tell her,” he told the blogger, according to Us Weekly.

He also admitted that it was “toxic” of him to hook up with another woman so quickly after trouble in his relationship with Rachel Recchia. Looking back, he admits he should have “hid under a rock for two months” instead.

Did He Deserve ‘A**-Whooping’ From Viewers?

Viewers did not take kindly to Tino Franco stepping out on Rachel Recchia. He faced major backlash from fans of the show. But did he deserve it?

While he is on the fence about whether he cheated or not, Tino Franco agrees that fans had reason to hate him.

“You do something lame, you get your a** whipped, you pick back up and you keep going. Take your punishment,” he told Dave Neal about hate from fans.

Rachel Recchia is among the Bachelor Nation alums looking for another chance at love on the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise. When Tino Franco heard the news a month ago, his shady response shocked fans.

However, he had nothing but nice things to say about his ex-fiance to Dave Neal.

“She’s perfect for somebody, it’s just not me. I really think she will be an excellent partner to somebody else.” – Tino Franco, Dave Neal Show

Are you surprised by Tino Franco’s revelation that Rachel Recchia already returned the engagement ring by the time he kissed another woman? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise premieres on Thursday, Sept. 28, only on ABC.

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