Rachel Recchia Talks ‘BIP’ & What She’s Most Excited About

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Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia has been announced as one of the contestants looking for love on Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. After having her short engagement to Tino Franco go south Rachel is ready to look for love again in the franchise. Keep reading to find out why she decided to give Paradise a chance. Plus, what is she most excited about?

Rachel Recchia talks BIP

Bachelorette Rachael Recchia is hoping to find a connection on the beach in Mexico during Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. She recently answered burning questions about why she decided to seize this opportunity and look for love once more on The Bachelor franchise. Rachel tried to be cute with her responses and noted that she decided to go because “I heard the drinks were good.” She also shared a photo of popular bartender Wells Adams slinging up drinks.

Aside from being ready to drink Wells’ concoctions, Rachel says she is approaching her time on the beach differently thanks to a lot of therapy. She also noted that all she is really looking for is someone who will be nice to her.

When asked what Rachel is most looking forward to in Paradise, she noted it is the return of Blake Moynes. Will these two have some chemistry on the show?

Rachel has already sparked other dating rumors as well. Many believe she could be dating Brayden Bowers after the two were seen sitting together at Charity Lawson‘s Bachelorette finale special, After the Final Rose. Rachel and Brayden seem very friendly and fans speculate that perhaps something is going on between them. Rachel, nor Braden have denied or confirmed anything.

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Is she involved with anyone?

Currently, it’s unclear if Rachel is currently involved with anyone. Fans will have to wait until her Paradise journey plays out on television beginning September 28. Originally, fans were thinking that perhaps Gabby Windey would also join Rachel on the beach. However, Gabby has recently emerged as bisexual and introduced her new girlfriend Robby Hoffman to her huge following.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey via Insta

This will be Rachel‘s third appearance on The Bachelor franchise. She first appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She and Gabby Windey made it to the final two. However, Clayton confessed that he could not let Susie Evans go, so he broke up with both Gabby and Rachel, leaving Rachel heartbroken after that saga. Rachel and Gabby were then both named leads of The Bachelorette. Rachel got engaged to Tino Franco, but shortly after they ended their relationship. He confessed to kissing another woman which led to the final straw and their split. Their entire breakup played out on the season finale of the show.

Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco via YouTube 3

Since then, Rachel has not been in any serious relationship. Will she find someone special on the beach to spend her time with? Fans will have to tune in and watch Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday nights on ABC beginning September 28. Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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