Travis Barker Quarantines From Kourtney Amid Scary Health News?

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The hits just keep coming for Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. The Blink-182 drummer took to his Instagram Stories with a shocking bombshell in the past 24 hours. He just got some scary health news. News that would force him to stay away from Kourtney. Scary news that would also force him to stay away from the baby if Kourtney happened to go into labor. Sadly, this health scare forces him to quarantine from Kourtney, his band, and everyone else. What exactly did Travis Barker learn about his health? Keep reading for all the details.

It’s Been Rough For Kourtney & Travis

As those who have been following the news, things have been rough for Kourtney and Travis. It wasn’t that long ago that Blink-182 suddenly put their tour on pause as Travis jumped on a plane and rushed him. A family emergency. Silence washed over the band, Travis, and the entire Kardashian-Jenner family. Fans suspected Kourtney Kardashian had given birth. The use of the word emergency, however, had some fearing the worst. Had something happened to Kourtney and/or the baby?

Turns out, there was a medical emergency. Kourtney required immediate fetal surgery to save their unborn child. She, however, was later able to leave the hospital with the baby still safely in her stomach. She doted on her loving husband for rushing home to be with her and things slowly returned to normal.

Travis Barker | Youtube
Travis Barker | Youtube

Everyone was relieved Kourtney and the baby were both fine. And, Travis traveled back to his band to continue his tour.

Travis Barker Quarantines From Kourtney Amid Scary Health News?

Unfortunately, Travis and Kourtney have been hit with bad news once again. Taking to his Instagram Stories, Travis held a positive test strip up close to the camera. The test strip revealed Travis Barker had been diagnosed with COVID-19 recently. So, he would need to quarantine away from his pregnant wife and his unborn child until further notice.

Travis Barker - Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

The post did not include any additional details. But, it broke the heart of fans all the same. Kardashian-Jenner and Blink-182 fans can only imagine the fear of knowing his wife could go into labor while he can’t be near her. For the most part, however, fans are relatively sure Kourtney is still a few weeks to a month from her due date. So, Travis should have time to recover.

Did Travis expose Kourtney to COVID-19? Did any other members of Blink-182 get exposed? How long do you think he’ll be required to quarantine? Share your thoughts on this shocking Kardashian and Blink-182 news in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on Kourtney and Travis as we continue to wait for the birth of that baby!


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