‘OutDaughtered’ Parker Busby Debuts Shocking New Look

Danielle Busby with her daughter Parker from Instagram

Parker Busby of TLC’s OutDaughtered stunned fans with a shocking new look this weekend. Her mother Danielle Busby took to her Instagram Stories to share a sweet photo of Parker. The photo featured the young quint rocking a fresh new look fans hadn’t seen before. Turns out, she didn’t have her mother or even her big sister Blayke to thank for her new fashion sense. Her current fit was thanks to her cousin Kenzie. Interested in seeing the adorable photo Danielle shared of Parker Busby? Scroll down to check it out.

OutDaughtered: Parker Busby Debuts Shocking New Look

Typically, Parker Busby rocks a simple hairstyle with straight long locks parted down the middle. Or, parted to one side and folded around her face. So, OutDaughtered fans were a bit stunned when Danielle shared a photo of Parker rocking a full head of gorgeous curls. Parker had a huge smile on her face with her hair parted to one side as her long, curly locks folded over one side of her face. The wavy crimped tresses also highlighted the several shades of brown and blonde in her hair.

Danielle Busby Instagram, Parker Busby

It appeared as if Parker was rocking pink lip shine on her lips. The caption attached to the photo revealed the clothing she paired with this new hairstyle was actually hand-me-downs. And, her cousin Kenzie gave them to her. The outfit included blue denim overall shorts. Under the overalls, she wore a ribbed black tank top. There also appeared to be some sort of red, white, and blue piece of fabric hanging from the bottom of the overalls.

Danielle Busby gushed in the caption on the photo that Parker looked like a real “cutie” today. Moreover, they always loved getting old clothing from cousin Kenzie.

In the photo, Parker Busby was standing in the middle aisle of the Busby bus. None of her sisters were visible in the photo with her, but the way the seatbelts were resting suggested they were already buckled into their seats.

Unfortunately, this precious photo was uploaded to Danielle’s Instagram Stories. So, fans were not able to react and comment directly on the photo. That, however, didn’t stop them from appreciating the photo on various fan groups.

Parker Busby from Danielle's Instagram
Parker Busby – Instagram

First To Get Hand-Me-Downs?

Fans suspect Parker Busby is likely the first to get hand-me-down clothing from her sister Blayke and her cousin Kenzie. As fans know, Parker is currently the tallest of the quints. So, fans can assume she likely fits into the hand-me-downs a little better than the rest of the quints.

What did you think of the gorgeous crimped, wavy curls Parker Busby is rocking in this new photo? Moreover, what do you think of the outfit she got from Kenzie? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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