‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Jesse Palmer Hints At Big Season 9 Twist

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Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer is hinting fans could see a new big twist happening on Season 9. Fans will be seeing both BIP and The Golden Bachelor premiere next Thursday, September 28. So, what did Jesse have to say about what fans can expect? Keep reading to find out more.

Jesse Palmer teases big twist on Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer is teasing there will be some unexpected happenings on Season 9 premiering next week. Entertainment Tonight shared what Jesse had to say about the upcoming season. Wells Adams also chimed in and has everyone even more curious about what could be going down.

Last season, fans saw Bachelor in Paradise take a page from Love Island and separate the couples for “Casa Amor.” The women on the season were not happy and even yelled “F**k you, Jesse Palmer!” The new twist for Season 9 has not been confirmed but Wells recently hinted to Nick Viall that they will not be repeating last year’s twist.

So, what is known about the new twist? Jesse said, “There’s going to be something really special and unique this season, something to celebrate. I think all of Bachelor Nation is going to be really, really excited about it. I think everybody on the beach will be too. I’m very, very excited for that. I just can’t wait. I really cannot wait to see what happens and where this goes.”

Wells Adams and Jesse Palmer via Insta

Wells wasn’t as positive about the twist as Jesse was. In fact, Wells hinted that there will be a lot of people angry when some things happen. He continued to joke saying it would be fine because he would be making drinks and watching the dumpster fire in front of him.

 The possible twist

According to a new preview, there will be a Paradise Truth Box this season. So far it’s not known what this box is all about or if it’s meant to hurt or destroy couples.

It’s also not known if this is the unique twist that Jesse is referring to. He could also be referring to the fact that previews indicate one couple will be getting married on the beach.

Either way, Jesse said his goal is to not have all the ladies repeating last year’s “F you Jesse Palmer” happen again. He said,

I’m doing everything in my power not to have a group of adult women go into a balcony and say, ‘F you, Jesse Palmer.’ That’s a personal goal of mine this season.I can’t promise that’s going to happen, but I hope it does not. You just never know how this is going to go.

Fans won’t want to miss the new season of Bachelor in Paradise when it premieres September 28 on ABC.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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