‘Bringing Up Bates’ Trace Begs For Urgent Help From Followers

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Trace Bates of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates took to Instagram with an urgent request for his followers. His beautiful wife, Lydia Romeike, and her family were in danger. They were at risk of being deported.

“Hi, friends.” Trace penned at the beginning of his lengthy post as he explained what was going on and how fans of his reality TV family could help.

What did Trace Bates have to say in his post? And, how did Bringing Up Bates fans react? Keep reading for the details.

Trace Bates Begs For Urgent Help From Followers

The Bringing Up Bates star noted that anyone who has seen the family’s recent vlog already knows what is going on. But, for those that don’t… His family is in trouble. Turns out, both his wife and her family are facing an urgent risk of being deported.

I, of course, want do everything in my power to save my wife, my newborn son, & my in-laws from being deported & will need a groundswell of support to get the attention of the US government.

Trace Bates explained anyone willing to help could sign the petition linked to his bio asking the U.S. government to continue to protect his family and allow them to stay within the United States. He added that there were also links in his bio on Instagram explaining what was going on and what led to this development for those interested in reading up on the situation.

The official account for the Bates family was among the first to comment on the post, showering Trace and his wife with prayers: “praying for this precious family! They’ve taught me so much about faith already!”


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Bringing Up Bates Fans Appreciated The Irony

Trace Bates was getting the support he requested from other members of his family in the comments. The support, however, seemed to stop there. Everyone else called attention to the “ironic” situation Trace and his wife found themselves in. Bringing Up Fans pointed out that Trace Bates was very much a “build the wall” supporter. So, his post begging for help felt like a massive contradiction.

One fan penned in a comment liked nearly 300 times: “The hypocrisy is outstanding. So for you it’s okay for them to stay but for the millions of people who have immigrated here from Mexico it’s not? Check your privilege.”

A second fan asked in a comment liked over 250 times: “Why didn’t they go through the proper means to become US citizens like others that wish to stay here? Why did they feel they didn’t need to do this?”


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Unfortunately for Trace Bates and his beautiful wife, there was not a lot of love in the comments of his post. In fact, most admit they were too busy laughing at the hypocrisy of his requestion.

Do you feel for Trace Bates and his wife? Or, do you understand why fans are ripping him as a hypocrite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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