‘20/20’: Remembering Polly Klaas 30 Years After Her Murder

Polly Klaas-ABC

20/20 is remembering Polly Klaas thirty years after she was brutally murdered. Admittedly, this is not an incident that anyone wants to relive. Yet, it is vital to honor her memory and remind people of the dangers that still lurk. So, what exactly happened to Polly? Read on for more details.

20/20: Remembering Polly Klaas 30 Years After Her Murder

It is hard to believe that it has been thirty years since Polly Klaas was murdered but 20/20 is taking the time to revisit that awful time. Her father, Marc Klaas is speaking out as to how this moment forever changed his life. Polly, a resident of California, was just twelve years old when she was kidnapped. She was having a slumber party when someone broke into her home, kidnapped Polly, and then she went missing. Soon enough, there was a full-on search for the young girl that lasted two months with Hollywood even pitching it. Sadly, she was killed by the intruder and now the show is taking a closer look at everything that transpired.

Marc, Polly Klaas-ABC
Marc, Polly Klaas-ABC

According to ABC, the lead FBI investigator for Polly Klaas’ case, Eddie Freyer, still drives by the site where her body was found. He sees something new left in memoriam for her every time. It was October 1993 when she was having a sleepover. Polly’s mom was home and asleep in a bedroom nearby. The other attendees were apparently tied up and Polly was taken at knifepoint. Former detective sergeant, Vail Bello noted: “It was like a boogeyman came in and stole her out of that house.”

Marc Klaas-ABC
Marc Klaas-ABC

Marc Klaas, Polly’s father, had been divorced from her mother so he did not live in the home. He spoke to 20/20 and shared that the police told him the person who took Polly had wanted money. However, they did not take any when they were in the home. The media was shielded from the immediate notification of what had happened. Eventually, as Marc shared, they needed them and they jumped in. Winona Ryder offered 200K for tips/information while it was featured on America’s Most Wanted.

The Outcome

As it turns out, just hours after the kidnapping, someone noticed a car in a ditch. The person driving was all over the place so the police were called. However, per 20/20, he was released as there was no real reason to keep him. Yet, the kidnapping had not been widely broadcast so no one knew they were looking for someone just like that. Two months later, this night, with the man who was described as “disheveled” and “panic-stricken,” would be of use. How?

Watch the whole story of what happened to Polly Klaas on 20/20 airing Friday, September 22nd on ABC.

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