ABC’s ’20/20′: Will Amy Robach Return With David Muir?

Amy Robach in interview with Robin Roberts - YouTube, ABC News

As ABC continues investigating the affair between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, many people wonder when they can expect to see either anchor back on television. Outside of GMA3, Amy Robach has also been a co-anchor on ABC’s 20/20 alongside David Muir. Fans have been left wondering whether or not Amy will return to the primetime news program. Here’s everything that has been revealed thus far.

Amy Robach’s History With ABC

Robach joined the regular cast of news anchors on 20/20 in 2018. The president of ABC James Goldston said that they were thrilled to have Amy Robach joining the primetime news show. He said she was a “gifted reporter” and was excited to see what she’d do on the program.

Since then, Amy has become a huge presence on 20/20. Alongside David Muir, the two basically ran the show.

Amy Robach in 2020 interview with Ted Bundy's ex girlfriend - YouTube
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David Muir and Amy Robach have had a great working relationship over the years. Prior to working together on 20/20, the pair worked alongside each other at Good Morning America as well.

However, since the affair between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes was made public, Amy has been missing in action from her hosting duties for 20/20 and GMA. ABC has called the situation an “HR nightmare.”

The network decided to move forward with suspending both anchors while they investigate the matter.

Will Amy Robach Return To 20/20?

In the meantime, Deborah Roberts has filled in for her on 20/20 and Good Morning America has had various anchors filling in for Robach on GMA3. Despite being suspended since early December, each anchor notes that they are simply filling in for Amy & TJ.

Amy Robach still appears alongside David Muir on the Twitter page for 20/20, which indicates that the network has not made a decision yet. For now, everything is up in the air.

2020 Twitter Page Screenshot with Amy Robach and David Muir - Twitter

TJ Holmes is in more trouble than Amy Robach may be. ABC has uncovered a third woman who said that she had a relationship with Holmes while working at the network.

“This third staffer was no secret to most ABC employees, especially those at GMA who worked closely with her during that time,” an inside source told Entertainment Tonight. “The question now is, will this latest revelation speed up the investigation and force ABC to decide T.J. and Amy’s fates sooner rather than later?”

Do you think ABC should allow Amy Robach and TJ Holmes back on the air? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Amanda Blankenship


  1. Amy has done nothing wrong to justify loosing her job. Dating a another employee does not appear a reason to lose your job. Get over it!

  2. I agree that Amy has done nothing wrong. I think that she needs to get her job back. I have been waiting for a chance to express my feelings.
    As far as TJ is concerned, I think that he took advantage there friendship.
    It is a shame because they were so good together 😕

  3. There is nothing wrong with dating a fellow employee. I have known several people who met their spouse thru their work. They are both adults! They were good at their jobs and they should not be fired because they fell in love with each other. What they do on their personal time is their business.

    1. @ Velma Orcutt.. I absolutely agree with your assessment. These two individuals are adults and they shouldn’t be punished for falling in love with each other. Besides, they didn’t break the company rules!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about Robach and what they thought of her guilt. Hope she got a good settlement, she’ll need money to aid in Holmes settlement to his child support. She’ll also need the money to support Homles and her for new life. I wonder if she’ll believe it was worth it. For her sake keep an eye on Holmes and don’t have a joint account with him.

  5. Job romances always seem to go wrong. If both people are not currently committed, I see nothing wrong with a relationship (not with same sex). If you are committed, then I say “Hands off!”

  6. Wonder if the people making the decision 🤔 to fire TJ Holmes and Amy Robach ever in their lives made wrong decisions?

  7. They both were totally embarrassing and disrespectful to their spouses creating displays of affection in public areas. They should have waited until divorces were completely final.

  8. everybody needs to grow up. since when did it become against the law to have a relationship with another human being. sounds to me like Republicans are running ABC News Now

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