Why isn’t ‘Yellowstone’ On CBS New?

Yellowstone - YouTube

Yellowstone is coming to CBS soon. Fans have been waiting a long time for more episodes. But, they may be disappointed. That is because they are not new episodes.

Why isn’t Yellowstone on CBS new?

Yellowstone - YouTube
Yellowstone – YouTube

Yellowstone Fans Think New Episodes Are Premiering On CBS

CBS is premiering Yellowstone for the first time. However, the episodes are not new to the series. However, they are new to CBS. This has been a very confusing distinction with fans of the Paramount series.

CBS is airing Yellowstone from the very beginning. This is for those fans who have never seen the series, or those diehards who want to rewatch with family or friends.

Those fans who watch on Paramount and have seen all the seasons are still awaiting Season 5B. That is because Season 5A premiered in November 2023, and ended on New Year’s Day. In addition, Paramount shared a video trailer promising that the series would return over the summer.

However, due to a cornucopia of circumstances, these episodes have not been filmed. In addition, creator Taylor Sheridan has admitted that they have not yet been written. The issues that have caused the delay in filming the remainder of Season 5 include Kevin Costner’s short filming availability.

Because he is filming his epic four-movie saga Horizon, and the many filming delays, he did not have more than a couple of weeks in his schedule to film the Paramount series. Unfortunately, they were at an impasse, and Kevin was fired from the series. That means he will not be back on screen in Season 5B. It seems likely that as he portrays the lead character John Dutton, what happens to his character will happen off-screen.

Also, Paramount canceled the series after the Season 5B episodes are eventually filmed.

But, the main reason for the delay now is the WGA and the SAG-AFTRA strikes. That means pens down, and productions shut. That means the soonest Yellowstone Season 5B will premiere is in 2024.

Therefore, because of the strike, CBS, a part of the Paramount network, is airing the modern western series from the very beginning. This will interest viewers who are new to the Yellowstone universe.

Yellowstone - YouTube
Yellowstone – YouTube

Yellowstone Is Premiering On CBS With Season 1

On Sunday, September 17, CBS is premiering Yellowstone. According to TV Insider, they are cleaning up the bad language and violence, and premiering it on linear television. The network is airing this popular series because their regular programs are not in production due to the strikes. That means that they will air the Kevin Costner-led series with Season 1, Episode 1 entitled “Daybreak.”

This episode introduces the Dutton family. They own the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. Their patriarch, John Dutton is a widower with four children. He is dealing with a rapidly changing world where he is battling development deals, and politics that can affect his way of life.

Yellowstone - YouTube
Yellowstone – YouTube

When Does The Kevin Costner-Led Series Premiere On CBS?

The CBS  premiere of Yellowstone Season 1, Episode 1 is on Sunday, September 17, at 8:30 p.m., Eastern, with two episodes.

Yellowstone - YouTube
Yellowstone – YouTube

Yellowstone fans, are you confused by this CBS premiere?

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