Abby Lee Miller Blames Mackenzie For Ruined Maddie Relationship

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It’s been years since Dance Moms ended and even longer since Maddie Ziegler left the famous show. However, fans are still wondering where exactly Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Ziegler stand. Keep reading to find out what the dance teacher had to say about her relationship with her former student.

Abby Lee Miller opens up on relationship with Maddie

After Maddie Ziegler left Dance Moms it was made clear that she no longer had a relationship with her dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. Of course, that was years ago so fans are wondering if they were able to or if they will ever be able to rekindle things. According to Abby, that won’t be possible. However, it isn’t Maddie’s fault. Instead, it is her mom and sister.

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On a podcast, Abby reveals that she had produced a song for Maddie’s little sister, Mackenzie. However, Abby never saw any of the money from that song despite it going to number 1.

“A song that went to No. 1 in three countries on iTunes, ‘It’s a Girl Party.’ I produced it. I bought the song. I did everything for that child. Mack Z was my creation,” Abby says according to People. “The video itself was $27,000 and I got my $27,000 back immediately because the video went to No. 1 too, but I’ve never seen one penny from the music,” she says.

Apparently, Abby had a 360 deal with Mackenzie so there’s no reason she shouldn’t have seen the money from the music. A 360 deal essentially means that Abby would get a cut of everything from the music to the merchandise.

Unfortunately, because of this breach of contract, Abby can’t have a relationship with Maddie either.  She says that it’s too hard to separate Maddie from the other women in her family.

“I can’t really separate Maddie from her sister and her mother, and there is some … I don’t want to use the term ‘bad blood,’ but there are some devastating things there.”

What does the future hold?

While Abby and Maddie aren’t currently on good terms, Abby isn’t opposed to opening the door to Maddie again eventually. However, Abby does say for that to happen, Maddie would have to reach out first. Considering Maddie has previously called her time on Dance Moms toxic, it doesn’t seem likely that Maddie will be reaching out any time soon.

Abby Lee Miller from YouTube

So, for now, it seems things will stay as they are with Abby totally separated from the Ziegler family.

Do you want to see Maddie Ziegler and Abby Lee Miller rekindle their relationship? Or, do you think it’s too far gone for that to ever happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite reality TV stars.

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