‘Bringing Up Bates’ Shocking Reason Tori & Bobby Left Nashville?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are attempting to figure out the shocking reason that Tori Bates and Bobby Smith left Nashville. Did they finally crack the code? Is there more to the story that the couple didn’t share publicly? Keep reading for all of the details about all of the skeletons fans think Bobby has in his closet.

Tori & Bobby Smith move away from Nashville.

As shown on Bringing Up Bates, Tori and Bobby packed up their home in Nashville in 2019. Just a year prior, Bobby was eager to take on a new role as a youth pastor at the Bible Baptist Church. After just a year in this position, the Smiths revealed they were moving to East Tennessee.

This shocked fans because Bobby had previously been very excited about working as a youth pastor. As far as fans knew, there wasn’t a real reason for him and Tori to leave Nashville. After all, they appeared to be happy there.

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On the show, Bobby kept his reasoning for their move pretty vague. He said he wanted to focus on his wife and son. Below, you can listen to Bobby’s explanation for leaving Nashville. Fans noticed he didn’t really say much at all, which leads them to think he’s hiding something.

Here is what Bobby said about why they left Nashville. Interesting.
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Did Bringing Up Bates fans discover the shocking real reason for their move?

On Reddittheories about Tori and Bobby Smith are flying. As we reported, fans think that Bobby cheated on his wife a few years ago and that’s why they moved away from Nashville. On Reddit, a couple of users shared their personal experiences with Bobby. They claimed to have gone to the church he worked at and confirmed that the cheating rumors were true. He allegedly cheated with single moms who attended the church.

One of the sources claimed that Bobby “resigned immediately.” If Bobby was forced to resign from his role at the church, then it would make sense that he and Tori decided to move away.

After watching the clip of Bobby explaining their move, one Bringing Up Bates fan said, “Now I definitely think something scandalous went down. He looks contrite and exactly like a lot of other funny pastors that have cheated.”

Someone commented, “I 100% believe it because I saw how these cheating scandals can happen in churches and how they usually come out.”

An eagle-eyed fan pointed out that the church members helped them move from East Tennessee to Nashville. But when they moved from Nashville to East Tennessee, they didn’t get help from the congregation, which could be a sign the Smiths left on bad terms.

So, do you think Bobby Smith potentially cheating on Tori Bates would have driven them out of Nashville? Or do you have another theory? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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