‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Notice Shocking Detail About Tori Bates

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Bringing Up Bates fans have just noticed a shocking detail about Tori Bates Smith. It is something that some fans knew, but they didn’t really put it all together until recently. Now, they are totally blown away.

What’s so surprising about Tori and her family? Keep reading for all of the details.

You may know that Tori is pretty quiet on social media compared to some of her relatives. Many of her sisters post frequent updates on Instagram, but she only shares photos of herself and her kids every once in a while. This could explain why it took so long for fans to have this realization.

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On November 9, Kelly Jo Bates, Tori’s mom, took to social media for a special reason. She revealed that it was Tori’s oldest child, Robert “Kade” Ellis Smith IV’s birthday. She shared a few photos and wrote a sweet message in her Instagram post.

He turned four years old. You can check out Kelly Jo’s touching tribute below.


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Bringing Up Bates Fans Notice Shocking Detail About Tori Bates

After seeing Kelly Jo’s new post, fans took to Reddit to discuss it. It looks like Kelly Jo’s post reminded fans just how young her kids are and how many she has. Plus, this prompted them to look and see how old Tori is.

One fan said, “Seeing this post made me realize that Tori is only 26 but has 4 kids 4 and under and before his birthday she had 4 kids 3 and under.”

Others are giving Tori major props for being a mother of four, especially with the kids being so close in age. Some are saying they could never do this. However, a couple of Bringing Up Bates fans pointed out that she likely has help from some of her younger siblings.

Seeing this post made me realize that Tori is only 26 but has 4 kids 4 and under and before his birthday she had 4 kids 3 and under. 🤯
by u/dem1525 in BringingUpBates

While some fans knew that Tori’s kids were all very close in age, many didn’t realize that they were each just one year apart like this. And others didn’t know that Tori was only 26 years old now, despite having four kids already. A few fans have expressed concerns for Tori’s health and well-being. One fan pointed out that an 18-month gap between pregnancies is recommended.

So, did you notice the shocking detail that Tori Bates had four young kids aged four and under? Do you agree that this seems very challenging? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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