Why Season 11 Filming Was Lala Kent’s ‘Most Difficult’ Yet

Lala Kent

As most know, there’s been a big stir-up in the Vanderpump Rules world that has made certain interactions extra tense. Ever since the Tom Sandoval Scandal came out, the cast has been at odds. Given that, Lala Kent gave a  written “sigh of relief” on her Instagram Instagram Stories on Friday, September 1. Markedly, she identified it as “one of the most difficult seasons” and then Lala Kent continued, “What a wild and strange summer, but it’s done.”

Celebrating The End

Adding Lala Kent said, “So crazy, another one down.” Following she breathed out, “and now I get to celebrate the fact that it is my f—king birthday. I’m 33 [and on] September 2nd, I’m going to fly home to my baby, [Ocean] tomorrow and just be grateful for this life.” Lala Kent just seems to be exhausted from filming this round. Understandably, she just wants to get home to her baby.


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What Made Filming So Difficult For Lala Kent?

Why was this round of filming Vanderpump Rules so much more difficult for Lala Kent? She expressed, “I will say this was one of the most difficult seasons that I have ever been a part of — ever. What a wild and strange summer, but it’s done.”

Nonetheless, a big part of the difficulty came from the strange environment this season. “It is a strange dynamic. I’m also in a very strange place where I am trying to heal and not project my experience onto everybody that I see. I am trying to [be] proactive [and be] a little bit more forgiving, light-hearted and understanding,” Lala discussed during an Amazon Live. “That is not a place I have always been super comfortable in.”


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There have been mixed emotions about Raquel Leviss leaving the show after she and Tom Sandoval had their affair and cheated on Ariana Madix.  “It is a travesty that she didn’t end up coming back. She should have come back. I think she would have been very surprised,” Lala Kent said in a July episode of her “Give Them Lala” podcast. “And instead she went and did this [podcast with Bethenny] and she was manipulated yet again.” Referring to the interview Raquel had with Bethenny Frankel.

Tom Sandoval Had A Heated Altercation

The Vanerpump Rules cast, including Lala Kent, completed filming during the Pump Rules cast’s trip to San Francisco. Afterward, the group went to a formal party on Friday. During the event, Tom Sandoval got involved in a heated altercation. Tom Sandoval tried to intervene with another attendee. The other guy had thrown a drink and a floral centerpiece at event security, which kicked off the craziness.

After throwing a glass of red wine at the event’s security guards, he ran to another side of the room and picked up a gold chair. Sandoval was seemingly trying to de-escalate the situation. Following, another security guard held back the man but he still had a grasp on the chair. Sandoval grabbed the other side and they appeared to have an aggressive match of tug-of-war. The partygoer was kicked out and the cast has not yet addressed the situation. It seems to be an extra tense time for all the stars, not just for Lala Kent.

Are you ready to see Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules? What do you think about the teased information so far? Will they be able to move past the Tom Sandoval scandal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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