‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fan Reveals The Real Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz and mom-Instagram

A Vanderpump Rules fan has revealed who the real Tom Schwartz is. The Bravo reality star has caught a lot of heat for being all over the place or not being serious enough. Plus, he was caught in the middle of ‘Scandoval.’ Yet, who is the true Schwartz behind the television screen? Read on for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Fan Reveals The Real Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz has been on Vanderpump Rules since Season 1, starting out as a recurring cast member. He was a model dating Katie Maloney. Eventually, he became full-time, proposed to Katie, the two got married, and he opened a bar with Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Sandoval. Unfortunately, he had some infidelities, then decided to start another bar with Sandoval. That was extremely time-consuming but, at the same time, he and Katie were trying to start a family. This was something he claimed he wanted but was not taking the process seriously.

Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz Want To Move On Quickly? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
Katie, Tom-YouTube
Right before Season 10, Katie filed for divorce from Tom Schwartz but all of that was thrown by the wayside. He ended up kissing co-star Rachel Leviss who was actually having an affair with Sandoval. Furthermore, Schwartz was the scapegoat for it all and that made him look even worse. With Season 11 filming, it seems like he is doing better but what is the truth behind Schwartz? A fan started a Reddit thread to share what it was like when they met him along with a photo.

Tom Schwartz and Fan-Reddit
Tom Schwartz and Fan-Reddit

“Met Tom in July & he was SO KIND!!! Pre bleach blonde hair. I want to go back! Love how he’s so nice to his fans. I didn’t have the balls to bring up sandavol & Rachel… so sorry😂 he was just too kind!!!” the OP posted. One Redditor noted that he seemed to be still wearing his wedding ring. Another had to ask if the fan being really pretty had anything to do with his kindness. Yet, in her next snap, she had a man with her so that might erase that theory. Finally, a follower pointed out that Tom Schwartz has a habit of people pleasing.

Not A Bad Guy

It really should not come as that big of a shock that Tom Schwartz was seen as a good and friendly guy. A short while back, it was discussed how the staff at Schwartz & Sandy’s wanted Tom Sandoval gone. However, they wanted to keep Schwartz around as they felt that he was nice and got along with everyone. So, he might be a really nice guy who just makes bad decisions.

Do you think that Tom Schwartz is really a good-hearted guy who just lacks common sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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