FIRED! Fate Of ‘90 Day Fiance’ Mary & Brandan Revealed

Brandan De Nuccio, Mary De Nuccio-90 Day Fiance-Facebook

Has 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Mary and Brandan been fired from the show? They are one of the most toxic duos the franchise has ever seen and that is saying a lot. So, what would cause TLC to cut ties with the young couple so soon? More so, what is their response to all of this chatter? Read on for more details.

FIRED! Fate Of 90 Day Fiance Mary & Brandan Revealed

Fans met Brandan and Mary this season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. They had a very interesting long-distance relationship. Both struggled with major trust issues. Therefore, to combat them, they opted to stay on FaceTime 24/7, even when they were using the bathroom. They also had very strict rules for each other as in they could not hang out with the opposite sex. Mary would sneak off with her male friends while disconnecting her Internet so Brandan would not know.

Brandan, Mary-90 Day Fiance-Facebook
Brandan, Mary-90 Day Fiance-Facebook

At the same time, she loved dancing and it even landed her a college scholarship. Yet, Brandan did not like her dancing so he made her stop thus she lost her scholarship. Eventually, he was seen heading to the Philippines to meet Mary and they struggled with trust despite him being right next to her. So, why would the couple face losing their 90 Day Fiance gig? According to In Touch Weekly, Before the 90 Days star Statler Riley spilled some tea on TikTok recently.

Brandan, Mary-90 Day Fiance-Instagram
Brandan, Mary-90 Day Fiance-Instagram

Apparently, Statler explained why the couple could be in jeopardy. She alleged that they had been fired due to the fact that they had shared a lot of personal information on a public forum. It was revealed by Brandan’s mother that the two of them had gotten married earlier in the year. Then, Mary shared that she was pregnant and that made its way to social media. So, with all their story being out there already, could this be a breach of contract? Did they violate an NDA? Or, does it make fans not care about their journey when they know how it turns out?

Were They Fired?

So far, the 90 Day Fiance couple has kept mum on their status as has Statler. Though they are supposed to keep quiet about their relationship until the show is over, there’s a loophole. In regard to their marriage, it was Brandan’s mother who spilled the beans. Both Brandan and Mary have it as “in a relationship” on Facebook so they could blame this misstep on his mom. As for the pregnancy announcement, that could have been a simple slip.

It is yet to be seen if the couple will be officially let go from TLC or the show in general. As of now, they seem safe but time will tell what will happen next. Do you think this is grounds for firing or have others done far worse? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Mondays on TLC.

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