Disney+ Axes MULTIPLE Shows — Subscribers Gutted

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Disney+ has just made the decision to axe multiple shows and subscribers aren’t happy about it. This news follows on the heels of the subscriber’s plans to raise prices and find a way to stop password sharing. What exactly did Disney+ pull the plug on? Keep reading for the details.

Disney+ Axes MULTIPLE Shows — Subscribers Gutted

Disney+ has just sent a loud message to their subscribers. A show can be highly anticipated with a huge fan base and still get axed. Likewise, the completion of filming isn’t enough to save a show from cancellation either.

Turns out, Disney+ had two different highly-anticipated shows that were in the works. Shows that had been promised to subscribers. Shows that had also wrapped up filming.

Sadly, the streaming giant decided to pull out at the last minute. And, neither of these highly-anticipated shows will be coming to Disney+ now.

According to Deadline, Disney+ decided NOT to move forward with the production of the live-action adaption of The Spiderwick Chronicles. In a separate report, also from Deadline, the streaming giant also decided not to move forward with the series Nautilus.

Both series were reportedly axed from Disney’s plans as a part of their current content-cutting, cost-saving mission. As those who follow streaming service news know, multiple streaming services have been axing content left and right to save some money. This includes removing content already on the streaming library to cash in on a tax write-off.

Because filming for both Nautilus and The Spiderwick Chronicles had concluded, the production studio is shopping around to find another network or streaming service willing to pick up the projects after Disney dropped the ball. Early reports suggest Paramount+ may be interested in picking up the shows.

Raises Prices And Cutting Password Sharing?

According to Variety, it was earlier this month that subscribers learned Disney does plan to raise their prices as they continue to axe content to save money. Subscribers have expressed outrage at the price hike via multiple social media platforms.

Moreover, there has also been chatter that Disney+ is interested in finding a way to end password sharing. It was not well-received when Netflix introduced and implemented this idea. It created issues for people who travel for work or college students who live on campus but use their family’s accounts.

Many streaming subscribers have argued these platforms continuing to raise prices and buckle down with strict rules will eventually blow up in their faces. Why? Because many subscribers are considering returning to cable TV as streaming services aren’t a much cheaper option these days.

How do you feel about Disney+ axing these two shows after filming was concluded? Do you think someone else will pick the shows up? Share your answers in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more streaming news.

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