Is Jada Pinkett Smith Disney’s New Rapunzel?

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Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress, and host of the former Red Table Talk is said to be playing Disney’s Rapunzel, in the live-action Tangled. Is this true? How will people react to this news? To find out more about this, continue reading.

Is Jada Pinkett Smith Disney’s New Rapunzel?

News of Jada being cast as Rapunzel started making headlines on August 5th. It first appeared on the Disney fan site Mouse Trap News. On the site, they went on to say, “Disney continues to pump out subpar live-action versions of their classic movies. The Little Mermaid is of course the most recent. Prior to that, we saw Pinocchio and The Lion King. Both are objectively terrible remakes and a disgrace to the original animated film.” It seems like remakes aren’t a favorite amongst a lot of Disney fans. The site continued by stating, “However, Disney doesn’t learn. In fact, a live-action remake of Tangled is in progress and Disney cast Jada Pinkett Smith to play Rapunzel”. So does Disney want all of their animated classics forgotten?

It does not seem like Disney wants that, but maybe they want to bring a different meaning to these film. As far as the casting of Jada comes into play, it is simply a rumor. However, that’s not to say a Tangled live-action film won’t happen, maybe in the near future. There’s a question that still remains. Why was her name mentioned, to begin with? It appears that this may have been a cruel joke, from the Mouse Trap News who originally posted the rumor. Their site promotes satire. What is satire? Satire is the use of humor or ridicule to criticize someone.

In the past Jada has shared her struggle with with alopecia. It’s a condition that causes hair loss and was the reason, she ultimately shaved her head. In contrast, in the film Tangled the character Rapunzel has long blonde hair. That’s pretty messed up to use someone’s insecurity against them. But sadly, this isn’t the first time Jada has been picked on.

Jada Has Been Ridiculed About Her Hair

Last year Jada’s condition made news following the aftermath of the 94th Academy Awards, in which her husband fellow actor Will Smith went on stage and smacked, comedian Chris Rock. During the moment Chris Rock was a present, he went on to make a joke in regard to her hair and she was not pleased. This resulted in Will defending his wife. Everyone has their own struggles, that no one knows about. Which is why jokes about people’s appearance should be off limits.

Do you agree with how this rumor was handle? Or should sites that are used to, hurt people be taken down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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