‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rage Over Ear Piercing

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Sister Wives fans are raging over ear piercing and with very good reason. In the Season 18 premiere, viewers were unhappy with how much time was spent on flashbacks. They just wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty and brand-new drama. This was the same situation when it came to episode 2. There was one particular segment that went on way too long and fans let it be known wherever they could. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Rage Over Ear Piercing

It seems that ear piercings are not something that is promoted in the Brown family’s faith. Yet, when Kody Brown met his last three wives, they all had their ears pierced. As for Robyn Brown, she agreed to take them out, despite being in her thirties, if it would make him less of a Christmas Grinch. Things started to shift for him with regard to earrings when they started their jewelry business. Yet, it was presumed all of the girls waited until they were eighteen to get pierced. In the August 27th episode of Sister Wives, Kody was seen taking his daughter, Aurora to get her ears pierced.

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This was a big deal for both of them and that was all well and good. However, fans were drained by the segment that went on way too long. It traced the entire Sister Wives history of piercings, why Aurora waited, why she was allowed to go, how come Kody took her, and where Robyn was. So, viewers took to Twitter to express their frustration.

Fans in a Sister Wives Facebook group also had some serious problems with this whole segment. “Seriously like 20 mins talking about ear piercing? They are desperate for content. This show is going way downhill lol. They need to get over all their covid bs fears if they want this show to survive,” one wrote. Another added: “I Could Care Less About the 10 Minutes they Took On Everyone’s Opinions/Experience on Ear Piercing.” It culminated with Kody dropping a bomb that he had his ear pierced when he was fifteen.

Get To The Good Stuff

Kody Brown is trying to show this family bonding stuff he does with his kids or at least the obedient ones. What he does not realize is that it just brings out his favoritism. Furthermore, Sister Wives fans do not want to see twenty minutes of ear piercing, or maybe they would if it was a fun Janelle/Christine adventure. Viewers are ready to see Janelle Brown go off the rails on Kody and tell him she is “spitting mad.” It is time for TLC to give the fans what they want and not this filler because the viewers are speaking and they are not happy.

Do you agree that the ear piercing scene was completely pointless and could have been cut down dramatically? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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